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Autumn Rose

Outside RhyDin a small, neutral, village layed. The village never favored for either, good, nor evil, kingdoms...unfortuantely, their village was between the two kingdoms. One dark evening, as the sun set early, the ground started to people in the village ran out of their homes to see what was happeneing, they were shocked to see the Light kingdom riding on horses, weapons ready, and torches in hand. As the Light kingdom rose toward the village, the Dark kingdom saw the Light kingdom and started toward the village. As the two kingdoms fought, the village was caught on fire...the people of the village, ran, terrified. Most were killed by one of the two kingdoms...others diesd in the fire. Few escaped. One of the few that escaped was a young Autumn Rose. Her mother was trying to escape their burning house, but was trapped. As Autumn and her father ran out of the house they could only hear the fighting of the two kingdoms...and a faint cry of the they ran toward saftey, a Knight of the Light kingdom, struck the father. He feel to the ground, dropping Autumn. As Autumn was trying to help her father her father told her to go, before she was killed. Autumn refused....till the same Knight stuck a sword through his heart. Her father cried out in he uttered his last words to his only daughter,"Run, Autumn, run. Remember me and yer mother will always be there in yer heart and we love ye..." Her father pulled out a locket and handed it to her. He then fell face down on the dirt ground. Autumn cried "Daddy don't leave me...please..." As she cried out those words she saw a knight coming toward her, good or evil she did not know...she took the locket and ran as fast as she could till she reached a known land called 'RhyDin'...She wandered the streets, her clothes torn, and her stomach empty, till she met a young woman that took her in. She was then raised by her adopted mom, but never forgetting the tender touch of her mother, nor the calming voice of her father. And never taking off her locket, which carried a picture of her mother and her father, with her as a baby...