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Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Journals

  1. Academica Turistica - Tourism and Innovation Journal
  2. Anatolia. An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research
  3. Annals of Tourism Research
  4. ASEAN Journal on Hospitality & Tourism
  5. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
  6. Australasia's Leisure Industry Magazine
  7. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly
  8. Current Issues in Tourism
  9. Enlightening Tourism. A Pathmaking Journal
  10. E-Review of Tourism Research (on-line)
  12. European Journal of Tourism Research
  13. European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation/a>
  14. Event Management (Formerly Festival Management and Event Tourism)
  15. Festival Management & Event Tourism (changed to Event Management as of Volume 6, 2000)
  16. Hospitality & Society
  17. Information Technology and Tourism
  18. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  19. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research
  20. International Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism
  21. International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration
  22. International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing (IJLTM)
  23. International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Systems
  24. International Journal of Tourism Anthropology (IJTA)
  25. International Journal of Tourism Policy (IJTP)
  26. International Journal of Tourism Research (formely Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research)
  27. International Journal of Tourism Sciences (IJTS)
  28. International Scientific Journal - TURIZAM
  29. Journal of China Tourism Research
  30. Journal of Convention & Event Tourism
  31. Journal of Convention & Exhibition Management (replaced by the Journal of Convention & Event Tourism)
  32. Journal of Ecotourism
  33. Journal of Educational Travel (JET)
  34. Journal of Gambling Studies
  35. Journal of Heritage Tourism
  36. Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing
  37. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism
  38. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research
  39. Journal of Hospitality Application & Research (JOHAR)
  40. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism (on line)
  41. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management (formerly Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing)
  42. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases (JHTC)
  43. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology
  44. Journal of Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure Science (ON LINE)
  45. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism
  46. Journal of International Volunteer Tourism and Social Development
  47. Journal of Leisure Research
  48. Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism
  49. Journal of Sport & Tourism
  50. Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  51. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism
  52. Journal of Tourism and Sustainability
  53. Journal of Tourism: An International Research Journal
  54. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change
  55. Journal of Tourism Consumption and Practice
  56. Journal of Tourism History
  57. Journal of Tourism Studies
  58. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
  59. Journal of Travel Research
  60. Journal of Unconventional Parks, Tourism & Recreation Research
  61. Journal of Vacation Marketing
  62. Journeys - The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing
  63. Leisure Sciences
  64. Leisure Studies
  65. Loisir et Société / Society and Leisure
  66. Managing Leisure
  67. PASOS - Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage (On Line)
  68. Problems of Tourism
  69. Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research (replaced by Int. Journal of Tourism Research as of Volume 4, 1998)
  70. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism
  71. Studies in Travel Writing
  72. The Hospitality Review
  73. The Journal of Tourism and Peace Research
  74. The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education
  75. Teoros International
  76. Tourism Analysis
  77. Tourism and Cultural Change
  78. Tourism and Hospitality: Planning & Development
  79. Tourism and Hospitality Research
  80. Tourism & Hospitality E-Review (THeR)
  81. Tourism - An International Interdisciplinary Journal
  82. Tourism Culture & Communication
  83. Tourism Economics
  84. Tourism Geographies
  85. Tourism in Marine Environments
  86. Tourism Management
  87. TOURISMOS: An International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism (on line)
  88. Tourism Recreation Research
  89. Tourism Review
  90. Tourism Review International - An Interdisciplinary Journal (Formerly Pacific Tourism Review)
  91. Tourist Studies
  92. Tourism Today
  93. Tourism and Travel (T&T)
  94. Visitor Studies
  95. World Journal of Airlines and Space Travel
  96. World Journal of Cultural Studies
  97. World Journal of Cultural Tourism and Tourist Guiding
  98. World Journal of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  99. World Journal of e-Tourism
  100. World Journal of Tourism Administation
  101. World Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  102. World Journal of Tourism Development and Marketing
  103. World Journal of Tourism Operations and Transport
  104. World Journal of Tourism, Leisure and Sports
  105. World Journal of Tourism Small Business Management
  106. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

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