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About the Artist . . .

A much younger me . . .

Since both of my parents are Artists they taught me to look at the world in a creative and often humorous way. A gift I truly treasure. Art supplies and books were always on hand and as a result of this and with the aid of an over active imagination I've spent my life in a world of my own creation. I began drawing little characters in grade school and selling them in craft shows. In Junior high and high school I took every Art class I could, but this is the extent of my formal education in the arts. After high school I wasn't able to find a vocation I truly felt comfortable with until I began to play around with polymer clay. It was then that I began having dreams about little fairies and elves. At times I see them so vividly that until I get up and sculpt them I keep seeing their little faces in my mind.

All of my figures are one of a kind original sculpts. I use Polymer clays and Paperclay for the dolls themselves and I design and hand sew the clothing using antique, vintage, and hand-dyed fabrics. Almost all of the eyes are European glass but I do paint some of them depending on the look and feel I want for the piece. I like to use mohair and sometimes Tibetan lamb for hair and I often use found objects in scenes (wood, moss, old buttons, etc. . ) but the majority of what you see, I created. Most of my works come with a personal story and all have a certificate of authenticity.


If you're interested in any of my pieces please feel free to Email me.