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3SI - Graphical Weather Information Systems
3SI develops meteorological workstations and software for use in aviation planning and meteorological forecasting. Their prime system METLAB, is the system of choice in The Netherlands, Thailand, and Canada.
Advanced Visual Systems
Makers of AVS5, AVS/Express, Gsharp and Toolmaster data display and visualization software.
Atmosphere Calculator
a Javascript-enabled web page which calculates dewpoint, relative humidity, wetbulb, wind chill, heat index, and other items depending on the information given.
Auto Weather
A packet terminal program written by N5KOA for amateur radio which interfaces the Ultimeter Home Weather Station to your tnc, allowing connected users to retrieve current (and longer-term) values for temperature, wind, barometric pressure, humidity, dew point, and rainfall directly from your Ultimeter.
Display and communications software for Automated Weather Source weather stations. Available for PC or MAC
Blue Skies
A graphical front end for the University of Michigan Weather Underground gopher server for the MAC.
An archive of software related to computer-aided-learning in meteorology which is maintained at the University of Edinburgh by Charles Duncan.
An application package which integrates Vis5D and CAVE libraries Version 2.5.6 to provide interactive visualizations of time-varying, 3-dimensional data sets in an virtual environment. It runs on projection-based Virtual Reality (VR) devices such as the CAVE and ImmersaDesk or on graphics workstations in a CAVE-simulator mode. The package was designed to support visualization of oceanographic and meteorological modeling studies. However, it supports the visualization of any Vis5d file and uses simple ascii configuration files to specify graphical objects at runtime.
An an intuitive graphic interface for GTE DUATS. Cirrus allows you to request most DUATS functions off-line and downloads the requested information without further user intervention. Also, Cirrus lets you plan your flight graphically with its extensive database of airports and navigational aids by pointing and clicking on a map.
Cray Research, Inc.
The Directory of Applications Software provides users of Cray Research systems with comprehensive information about commercially-available applications software products.
CYCLOPS: Tropical Cyclone Operational Prediction System
An emergency response decision tool from Oceanweather Inc. for offshore operators faced with tropical cyclone threats. CYCLOPS also provides year-round, basin wide and site-specific wind and sea state forecasts built around proven modeling technology.
David Blanchard's Pointer to useful source code
This page has pointers to some potientially useful source code. It includes FORTRAN code for plotting Skew T-ln P thermodynamic diagrams using NCAR GKS graphics routines, helicity computations, and thermodynamic functions and data format conversions.
Digital Weatherman
Automatically downloads weather graphics to your PC from a variety of sources for you, without your intervention, ensuring that you always have the very latest graphics.
EarthWatch Communications, Inc
Patented software that integrates 3-D weather visualization with a global database to create a virtual world. Primary markets include television, education, GIS, post-production and film. EarthWatch software runs exclusively on Silicon Graphics workstations. Product line includes EarthWatch, EarthWatch 2000, EarthWatch EL, StormWatch, StormWatch Plus, Reality 3D, ShowMaker.
Element.ary! for OS/2
Uses your Internet connection to show you a variety of current weather information.
An interface for the visualization of results data from the most popular packages in computational fluid dynamics, structural analysis, combustion modeling, thermodynamics and electromagnetics from Computational Engineering International, Inc.
The Environment for Visualizing Images from Research Systems, Inc, enables earth scientists to easily process, analyze and display remote sensing data. You can import spectral libraries and perform sub-pixel analysis to discover more information with ENVI's advanced set of hyperspectral tools. Improve identification with ENVI's integrated radar tools by selecting polarizations, analyzing scattering patterns and extracting textural information.
Flow Analysis Software Toolkit is a software environment for analyzing data from numerical simulations. Though somewhat tailored towards CFD visualisation, this package can be used to visualize any scalar and vector data that can be mapped to a Plot3d or Unstructured grid.
is an interactive computer visualization and analysis environment designed to meet the needs of oceanographers and meteorologists analyzing large and complex gridded data sets. It is well suited to the analysis and display of remote data sets via X-windowing as well as being portable to a number of modern computer systems: SunOS, Solaris, DECstation, IBM/AIX, SGI, and Hewlett-Packard HP-UX.
a kinematic trajectory model which can be used to calculate several different types of trajectories (three-dimensional, isentropic, isobaric, isoeta, boundary layer trajectories). FLEXTRA was developed at the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics in Vienna by Andreas Stohl, Gerhard Wotawa and Petra Seibert.UNIX FREEWARE
FoG (Forecast Generator)
FoG, from CoGenTex, Inc., is part of the Forecaster's Production Assistant (FPA), a workstation environment developed by Environment Canada as a productivity aid for its meteorologists. Forecasters use FPA's graphical editor to modify a map showing barometric pressure, the location of fronts, and other data. After modifying the map, the forecaster presses the "Generate" button, and FoG automatically generates a textual weather report for the area in both English and French.
The Forecast Institute, Inc. (TFI)
Producers of accurate, automated forecast software for weather variables, financial/commodity markets, electric load consumption, and air quality with a specialty in probabilistic guidance for minimizing costs and maximizing gains.
Forest Technology Systems
Specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of software and hardware for automated, remote monitoring for Fire Weather, Prescribed Burn, Water Quality, Water Quantity, Meteorological Monitoring.
Software for visualizing climatological data sets. A graphical user interface facilitates easy display of an unlimited number of overlayed contour and vector plots. Plots can be superimposed on up to six different map projections.
GEMPAK Analysis and Rendering Program is an X Windows/Motif software application designed by the COMET staff for the display and analysis of meteorological data sets. Supported data sets include model data like the Eta, NGM and RUC, Satellite imagery in NOAAPort GINI format or MCIDAS area file format, NIDS and Nowrad radar data, surface data and upper air data.
GEMPAK/NAWIPS Homepage, from Unidata
NAWIPS ingests analyzes, displays, and integrates various types of hydrometeorological data. These data types include numerical model, surface, upper air, satellite, radar, and textual data. NAWIPS runs on UNIX workstations that support Xwindows and Motif. NAWIPS includes GEMPAK (the GEneral Meteorological PAcKage) software and a set of graphical user interface (GUI) programs (NTL, NTRANS, NSAT, NWX, and AFOS-emulator).
The General Mesh Viewer is an easy to use, 3-D scientific visualization tool designed to view simulation data from any type of structured or unstructured mesh.
The Grid Analysis and Display System is an interactive desktop tool that is currently in use worldwide for the analysis and display of earth science data. GrADS is implemented on all commonly available UNIX workstations, Apple Macintosh, and DOS or Linux based PCs, and is freely distributed over the Internet via anonymous ftp. GrADS provides an integrated environment for access, manipulation, and display of earth science data.
Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info
A comprehensive list of graphics clients for a variety of platforms maintained by Dr. Joseph C. Walker at NCSU
Hydrocomp Forecast and Analysis Modeling
HFAM combines hydrologic simulation and data management with an easy to use, interactive graphical interface to provide engineers and planners with an effective tool for streamflow forecasting and long-term analysis of streamflow, reservoir operations, and watershed development. A variety of screens show the model setup and maps of the watershed area. Modeling results can be viewed in graphical displays.
Hurricane Reconnaissance Report Formatter
This program ingests a text file with the reconnaissance reports, decodes it and displays the data in an easy to understand format. No need to remember what all those numbers mean. Currently this program is very basic, only supporting the URNT10 and URNT11 reports.
Marius Rensen's Worldwide Radiofacsimile and SSTV site. Includes a software listing of many products for WEFAX and weather satellite image reception.
PC Weather Products, is a market leader in the design, development and delivery of Hurricane tracking, analysis and planning software. HURRTRAK Professional for Windows offers a complete set of advanced functions for storm tracking and analysis in support of anyone whose work depends on monitoring the progress of Atlantic storms and hurricanes.
CD from Science Technology Associates provides the user with easy software installation and documentation viewing of the latest versions of Hydrology programs from government agencies such as the HEC, SCS, EPA, FHWA, USGS, NWS and more with over 50 programs and 12,000 pages of documentaion.
Interactive Radar Analysis Software is an X-Windows based software tool which is used to display weather radar data. It has been used exclusively as a research tool to play back base level data from a number of research radars and most recently WSR-88D (NEXRAD).
A front end for Freese-Notis Weather subscribers which allows you to automatically download and loop radar images.
A freeware UNIX-based (and currently unfinished) hurricane tracking program. It's written entirely in Tcl/Tk, so technically, it should be portable to any platform that Tcl/Tk are available on (which, for non-UNIX systems, includes various Windows flavors, OS/2, Macs, and probably more).
The Unidata Local Data Manager (LDM) is a collection of cooperating programs that select, capture, manage, and distribute meteorological data products. The system is designed for event-driven data distribution, and is currently used in the Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) project. The LDM system includes network client and server programs and their shared protocols.
Lenticular Press
innovative, high-quality, multimedia CD-ROMs for science and education.
Computation software for symbolic, numerical & graphical mathematics. Macsyma offers a unique blend of accessibility and mathematical power to users. It combines symbolic and numerical mathematics and interactive graphics with re-executable scientific notebooks.
A powerful interactive computer algebra system. Waterloo Maple Inc. is a global leader in developing symbolic computation software that enhances the delivery of curriculum for technical disciplines. The product line, Maple V, Theorist, and Expressionist, provides versatile solutions ranging from complete mathematical power, to compact, interactive, easy-to-use math tools.
Marta Systems, Inc.
Offers a complete line of software and systems for display, analysis, and enhancement of weather satellite imagery, NEXRAD weather radar, DIFAX, AKFAX, HONOFAX, AFDIGS, COMEDS, NWS alphanumeric products, and lightning data.
Wolfram Research's flagship product--the world's only fully integrated technical computing system
A language for technical computing that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language from Mathworks, Inc.
Air-Sea Toolbox for MATLAB
A collection of MATLAB programs (m-files) which can be used to compute surface wind stress and heat flux components from buoy and shipboard atmospheric and near-surface oceanographic time series measurements.
A mex-file interface between NetCDF and MATLAB that invokes the complete C-Language NetCDF interface, as described in the NetCDF Users Guide. This allows MATLAB users to read, write, and manipulate NetCDF data files in a general, efficient manner.
M_Map Mapping Toolbox for MATLAB
A set of mapping tools written for MATLAB v5. These include: Routines to project data in 14 different spherical projections (and determine inverse mappings); a grid generation routine to make nice axes with limits either in lat/long terms or in planar X/Y terms; a coastline database (with 1/4 degree resolution); a global elevation database (1 degree resolution)
SaGA Toolbox for MATLAB
A collection of MATLAB programs dealing with various aspects of geometric modeling and spatial data interpolation and analysis.
a suite of applications for analyzing and displaying meteorological data for research and education. The software can be used with conventional observational, satellite, and grid-point data.
EPA-New England, the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), the Mid-Atlantic Region Air Managers Association (MARAMA) and the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) have proposed the development of a regional Ozone Mapping System (OMS) which will automatically transfer data to a central location, perform data conversion, quality control and long-term storage operations, and generate still-frame and animated ozone maps for use by states, television stations and others. MapGen was developed specifically for use with the Ozone Mapping System (OMS). MapGen is being made publicly available so that government agencies, TV stations, and other interested users with access to ozone monitoring data can produce customized maps and movies.
Allows you to project the future path of a severe storm, given one or more recent positions of the storm. The storm's positions may be taken from any source: a recent radar depiction or animation sequence, lightning detection data, ground-truth reports, etc.
Metacast Ultra
Graphics Presentation System for Television Weather Forecasts. Metacast Ultra, formerly known as NIMBUS, is a totally integrated presentation system for weather forecasting, especially aimed at the broadcast market.
Meteorology Wizard
A conversion calculator designed with the working meteorologist in mind. from Keith Thomas
Metbase for Windows 95
Metbase is designed for weather enthusiasts, researchers, teachers, and students. It is designed to store, retrieve, print, and export meteorological observations. All data is entered via a simple data entry screen, and stored in a Microsoft Access 95 database file for further manipulation in Microsoft Office. Additionally, your data can be exported to a comma-delimited file for spreadsheets like Lotus, and the observations can be printed as datasheets. In addition, MetBase has a suite of analysis tools and calculators.
MicroImages, Inc.
Developers of the TNT product series, which now consists of TNTmips, TNTview® for visualizing and interpreting spatial data, and TNTatlasTM for publishing and using spatial information.
Develops and distributes software for scientists and engineers exclusively for solving equation systems and fitting experimental data.
NASA/JPL LinkWinds
The Linked Windows Interactive Data System is a visual data exploration system resulting from a program of research into the application of computer graphics to rapidly and interactively accessing, displaying, exploring and analyzing large multivariate multidisciplinary data sets.
NCAR's Mathematical and Statistical Libraries
A large and valuable collection of mathematical and statistical software. The collection is maintained to provide NCAR's computer users with software to assist them in their computational efforts on NCAR computers.
NAg - The Numerical Algorithms Group
NAG produces and distributes numerical, symbolic, statistical and visualisation software for the solution of problems in a wide range of applications in such areas as science, engineering, financial analysis and research.

For users who write programs and build packages, NAG produces sub-program libraries in a wide range of computer languages (Ada, C, Fortran, Pascal, Turbo Pascal). For users who do not wish to program in the traditional sense but want the same reliability and other qualities offered by our libraries, NAG provides several powerful mathematical and statistical packages for interactive use. NAG also distributes NAGWare, a range of products including compilers and tools aimed at the professional program designer.
Keith Thomas' powerful front end for American Weather Concepts subscribers. It offers a variety of functions including View, Zoom, Reload, and Auto Reload ALL Single Site NEXRAD products, Forecast Products, and Radar Composites.
NIST Dataplot
A free, public-domain, multi-platform (Unix, Linux, PC-DOS, Windows NT, etc.) software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling. The target Dataplot user is the researcher and analyst engaged in the characterization, modeling, visualization, analysis, monitoring, and optimization of scientific and engineering processes.
NLREG - Nonlinear Statistical Regression Program
A powerful statistical analysis program for Windows 95 and NT that performs linear and nonlinear regression analysis and curve fitting. NLREG determines the values of parameters for an equation, whose form you specify, that cause the equation to best fit a set of data values. NLREG can handle linear, polynomial, exponential, logistic, periodic, and general nonlinear functions.
display WSR-88D RCM data
NWS GPHPLOT for Windows
Display AFOS graphics
NWS Instability Forecaster for Windows
Calculate thickness, LCL, ThetaE, etc.
A PC based Gridded Information Display and Diagnostic System, is a software package intended as a forecasting tool to provide interactive access to high resolution meteorological information in support of domestic forecasting and international aviation. It allows the user to view meteorologically significant fields of gridded analysis and numerical weather prediction model output. The fields are displayed in either contour or vector format, whichever is appropriate for a particular field. This package also allows the user to extract a variety of information from meteorological diagnostic parameters computed from the gridded data fields. [Spanish version available.]
A companion program for PCGRIDDS. This data collection program receives, filters, and stores gridded binary data (GRIB) disseminated via the World Area Forecasting System (WAFS) satellite broadcast. The stored GRIB data can then be converted to PCGRIDDS format. The program is DOS based and uses an interface card to accomplish the physical connection with, and data reception from the WAFS Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) receiver.
NWS PC-GRIDDS Severe Weather Macros
A collection of Macros developed at SPC (formerly SELS) for daily forecasting of severe weather and tornados.
SVRPLOT is a software package for IBM-compatible PCs written by John Hart, that NWS forecasters and researchers have been using for several years to analyze and map severe weather events from the historical SPC severe weather archive. The archived database, in SVRPLOT format, is included with this package. This version of the software is in the public domain and there are no legal restrictions on its use beyond those for any other public-domain government material. 
NWS Sharp
An upper air analysis tool that ingests formatted data and displays SkewT and Hodograph output. see also RAOBSORT which formats data for SHARP.
NWS Sharp II
A Win 95 upgrade for the original Sharp. This is only a patch, so users must first install Sharp.
Netweer is nederlands eerste Weer Agent op internet. Netweer is een programma dat in de achtergrond (dus zonder dat de gebruiker het merkt) weer gegevens van nederland verzamelt via het internet.Gegevens die worden opgehaald van 11 nederlandse steden : Weer type dwz bewolkt, regen etc., Temperatuur , Wind richting, Wind snelheid (m/s EN in Beaufourt), Gevoels temperatuur (chill factor), Zicht, Luchtdruk.
The Oklahoma Climatological Survey - Software Development Group
Produces software used by academic researchers, teachers, students, and other users of Mesonet data for visualizing meteorological information. Their suite of tools includes: the NIDS Viewer and WxScope® Netscape Plugins for Mac and Windows, WxScope® Mesonet Visualization Software for Mac or MS-DOS, WxImage Graphics Viewing and Conversion for Mac.
PBL-LIB (Direct Model)
The UW Planetary Boundary Layer Model is a collection of programs that deal with data pertaining to the planetary boundary layer. Give the program BWIND four (or at least one) geophysical parameters, and it can calculate a whole host of other parameters including: Surface wind speed (U10) and cross-isobar turning angle (alpha),,Surface stress (u-star),Fluxes of sensible and latent heat,Thermal wind in the PBL, Ekman depth (pi*delta), Roughness length over water, Stratification parameter z/L, Geostrophic wind,...etc...
Plot Plus
A general purpose scientific graphics package. Plot Plus will read most standard ASCII or binary files and the netCDF file format. Plot Plus is an interactive, command driven, scientific graphics package. It presently runs on most UNIX platforms and VAX/VMS systems.
an interactive scientific visualization tool that displays complex structures within three-dimensional data fields. It provides both color shaded-surface display and simple volumetric rendering in either index or true color. Tested on SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 5.3 and SGI IRIX 4.0.5, IRIX 5.2 OS.
The Complete RAwinsonde OBservation Analysis Program is the most versatile rawindsonde analysis program commercially available. It is a powerful, flexible, easy to use solution for soundings, hodographs, cross sections, and mountain wave analysis. The program reads nearly any data source, has manual data input, and offers complete data editing capabilities. RAOB is DOS-based and operates in all Windows environments. RAOB is used by government, military, commercial, educational, and private meteorologists and hobbyists around the world. 
A compiled BASIC program that will read through, sort, and write NWS SHARP and SHARP II usable data files from a single raw raob file that you supply.
Site Assessment of Tornado Threat software from Engineering Analysis Inc provides the user with a means of quickly and accurately displaying and analyzing tornado data for any portion of the United States, excluding Alaska. The program contains all National Weather Service (NWS) data from 1950 to 1995. Runs under DOS and Windows 95.
An interactive tool from the University of Washington for displaying satellite images and weather data. It plots color satellite image data as well as contour and vector fields and continental outlines. The user is given the option of setting a wide variety of parameters involved in the plotting. However, each parameter has a reasonable default, so the user need not involve himself at that level if he chooses not to. SatView runs under X windows.
Scientific Applications on Linux
a collection of information and links to software (from public domain to commercial and anything in between) that scientists and engineers will be interested in. The software listed in SAL is usually ported/developed or known to work on Linux platforms.
Scientific Software Group
An on-line catalog offering Ground Water, Surface-Water, Air Pollution, Bioremediation, Geology, and Other Environmental Models and Modeling Software.
SciTech International Inc.
An online catalog listing more than 2,000 of the most popular and some of the most obscure tools for scientific, engineering and technical computing.
Scientific Workplace
A complete word processing system from TCI Software Research designed especially for preparing technical documents, especially those containing mathematics. Other TCI products include Scientific Word and Scientific Notebook.
Simple End User Linux is a project which aims to make a free, easy-to-use GUI operating system for Intel processor based machines. The SEUL version of Linux will be distributed under the General Public License. There are plans to port several free scientific packages for math, statistical analysis, graphic data analysis and productivity office suites to the new operating system.
SiliconGraphics Applications & Solutions Directory
A comprehensive guide to third-party software applications, peripherals, and services for the Silicon Graphics workstation and server product line.
The online SKYWARN and public service event logging program by N9VHT. [formerly skywarn]
SPSS Science
Offers a comprehensive array of award-winning scientific software products that best meets the needs of scientists and engineers including SigmaPlot and SYSTAT.
Shareware for drawing flowcharts, organization charts, science diagrams, web graphics and maps. Win3.1, Win95 and NT versions available.
A Worldwide Surface Chart synoptic system which produces charts to professional standards and has been designed specifically for WINDOWS95 and INTERNET. No web site available yet, but details are available by email from the author, Colin Tandy.
Offers Home Study Marine Weather training software.
StatSoft Inc
Developers of Statistica
Steven Baum's Software List at TAMU
An incredible annotated listing of software for Climatology/Paleoclimatology, Graphics and data analysis, Linux OS and Oceanography.
TAO Display Software
Distributes and displays the most recent real-time and historical data from the TAO moored ocean buoy array. Remote users have convenient point-and-click access to graphical displays and animations of the most recent and historical data from the buoys. The TAO array is a major component of the global climate monitoring system, consisting of approximately 70 ATLAS and current meter moorings, telemetering meteorological and upper ocean data in real-time via the Argos satellite system.
A Tephigram production system designed for WINDOWS95. No web site available yet, but details are available by email from the author, Colin Tandy.
This site is the home of ZShell and Fargo, assembly shells for the TI-85 and TI-92, respectively. It also houses a comprehensive and well-organized archive of programs and utilities for the entire TI-8x and TI-92 series of graphing calculators as well as programming and other resources.
Tracking The Eye
A winsock supported Hurricane Tracking Application that can connect to the Internet and retrieve storm coordinates with the press of a button. Tracking The Eye's Extended Internet Service sends real-time Satellite Images, Storm Coordinates, Tropical Weather Outlook, Tropical Weather Discussion, Strike Probabilities, Public Advisories and Forcasts directly to Tracking The Eye to be viewed on a colorful map and saved to your computer. For Windows 95.
Tropical Storm Tracker
A Freeware DOS program to track Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic and central & eastern Pacific Ocean storms. It will not run on any display less than EGA. For IBM compatible computers. Will run on less 640K of memory. Also can be run on Win95. from Floyd Weaver
TriGeo, Incorporated
Supplier of Windows95 and Windows NT interface software for popular weather stations. WeatherConnection software including: ActiveX controls and software for putting your weather station on the web.
a system for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets such as those made by numeric weather models. One can make isosurfaces, contour line slices, colored slices, volume renderings, etc of data in a 3-D grid then rotate and animate the image in real time. There's also a feature for wind/trajectory tracing, a way to make text anotations for publications, etc.
An interactive graphics environment for the visualization of 3D, structured and/or unstructured data. This volumetric data may be steady or time varying. Visual3 is callable from FORTRAN as well as C, and uses X and the native 3D API for optimum drawing speeds. Since it uses true color rendering Visual3 requires atleast 24 bits of color. Also, there is hardware dialbox support.
Visual Numerics
provider of powerful numerics, graphics, data analysis, and charting solutions.
Water Resources Consulting Services
Suppliers of Hydrology and Hydraulics Modeling Tools
Weather Canada - click to download [317K]
A Winsock-Internet application by Michael J. Chudobiak that allows you to download the weather conditions in all major (and some minor) Canadian cities painlessly. The software remembers the last city that you got information for, so when you fire up the software, your favourite city's weather conditions are loaded automatically. If you can double-click, you can use the software. Weather Canada v2.0 is designed to run under Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.
Weather Graphics Technologies
Offering a suite of software written by Tim Vasquez. Product line includes WeatherGraphix, Digital Atmosphere and SkyAccess. Also distributers for RAOB.
WeatherBASE Software
Offering a variety of weather data logging and recording software, data converters for many popular brands of weather stations and an assortment of weather utilities. Product line includes LWeather, WXCALCS, FORECASTER and CB91 which enables computer generation of NWS Form B-91.
Weatherfax for OS/2
Program for receiving weather charts from shortwave stations. It supports several decoders and OS/2 compatible soundcards.
Weather Functions for Excel 97
This is an Excel Add-in that adds functions to calculate relative humidity, dew point, heat index, wind chill, etc. A small set of unit conversions is included to allow input to the functions in the units they require.
Weather Log
This program is used to maintain a station database for a Cooperative Weather Station. It allows the observer to input readings on a daily basis, send the data to the National Weather Service via the ROSA system and print the B-91 reports.
WeatherNet Weather Software Archive
A collection of weather software from Mike MacDonald's Weathernet at the University of Michigan.
Weather data collection and analysis for Forest Fire management, hydrology and other applications. Simple, powerful and flexible software for collecting and analyzing data from weather stations (remote, local, automatic and manual), WeatherPro creates timely and useful information in the form of graphs, charts, and reports.
Weather Vane
a freeware utility for Windows 95 called Weather Vane. Weather Vane sits within your Windows 95 tray and periodically retrieves your local weather conditions & forecast from the Internet. It will utilize either a direct Internet connection or Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking. Weather Vane's icon (the sun & cloud combination) will change and flash when you have retrieved conditions & forecast information which is un-viewed.
A free Weather Web Server and data logger which allows you to display data from your weather instruments on the Web and provides a real-time monitoring system to display these data on your PC. It will also control external devices such as fans, motors and lights.
WELS Research Corporation
Designs, produces, and installs technologically advanced weather information software and communications products for environmentally sensitive industries and government agencies. Product line includes Weather Pro and Weather Pro Plus.
An INTERNET application which shows your current weather conditions and forecasts as an icon on the tray notification area of the system taskbar. Designed specially for Windows 95 from Locutus Codeware.
The Weather Image Information System is a commercial software package for handling meteorological raster-graphics data like Meteosat images or weather radar images.
A quick wind rose visualization tool for meteorological data, WindRose can read in data in the STAR and the binary CRSTER and ISC formats, obtain roses of any single atmospheric stability class, all classes or any range of classes, view the rose on screen or plotted to any windows compatible laser or color printer, and control of the color scheme for wind classes. Requires Windows 95 or NT3.51 or higher. Can work with Win32s installed on a Windows 3.1
a shareware program that brings hourly weather reports and forecasts, satellite images (and WeatherCams!), and ski reports to your PC! With an Internet connection, you'll be able to get the latest weather and weather reports on cities all over the United States and around the world. Available in Win3.1 and Win95/NT versions from Insanely Great Software.
A FREE, fully operational MS Windows wind rose program for your meteorological data. WRPLOT View, from Lakes Environmental Software, is the logical replacement for the popular U.S. EPA DOS utility WRPLOT. WRPLOT View reads surface data files in SCRAM, CD144, and SAMSON formats and ISC "pre-processed" meteorological data files. It produces Color Wind Rose plots and Frequency distribution tables for wind speed and stability classes.
The Weather Processor software package, a general purpose weather visualization tool for current and archived meteorological data.
WXSIM Weather Simulator
An "interactive local atmospheric model". You initialize it with current data, some optionally downloaded from various on-line sources, and then "turn it loose" to model the weather for the next few days, but with the option to interact with the program and mix in some of your own forecasting skill and knowledge.
A UNIX client-server browse application for satellite AVHRR imagery.