The Young Riders Express Station Page
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Welcome to The Young Riders Express Station Page web site!!! The very first web site that graced the internet totally dedicated to the best Western of the 80's/90's. A labor of love created by Ed Speilman in 1972, The Young Riders, originally titled "The Kid", finally gave credit to the brave individuals of The Pony Express, an institution that had nearly been forgotten. With an amazing cast of young actors, an excellent storyline, combined with breathtaking scenery of a country still in the making, this new look at The Pony Express rode it's way into the hearts and minds of those who still knew what adventure could be.

The Young Riders Express Station Page has graced the internet for over 5 years now. This page was created with the help of countless fans who had never forgotten the show. None of this would be possible without the fans! Who had any idea that after 5 years there would be over 50 web sites dedicated to the show and it's cast and a now annual fan reunion held in Tucson, AZ! Whether this is your 100th time visiting or your first, enjoy your ride to the fullest!!!


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