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Due to complaints, the message that formerly read "I am working on a site facelift" has been taken down and replaced with "My site will be updated when I feel like updating it, ok Casey?" Thank you for your attention.

Well, my name is Dave Kerwood. I'm a lowly freshman at Manhattan Christian College in Manhattan, Kansas... yep, right across the street from K-State... Anyhow, I'm a Christian musician, and God is my passion!!! When I get around to seriously working on this page, I'm gonna put a bunch of cool God stuff here, along with info and pics of ME (Like any of yall really wanna see my ugly mug) Well, that's about all I can ramble right now, so I'll see yall later. By the way, if I can ever get a guestbook in here, sign it! Plus, visit my band's website. Prodigal Son. Yep, that's it down below. Later, yall.

Stuff I plan to have here when I get around to it...

Oh, wait! I got smooth links!

Home page of Phoenix Rising
Home page of Prodigal Son
Best Christian Tab site out there!
Tabcrawler- it's the Yahoo of guitar tab!
Home page of DC TALK!!!
Circle High School's Home Page!
Home page of Audio Adrenaline!!!
Prairie View Christian Camp
Home page of Room Full of Walters!!!
Home page of VEGGIETALES!!!
Home page of LARRYBOY!!!
A great Simpsons web page
An EXCELLENT MIDI driver- WinGroove!
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3-16-00... I'm updating from Manhattan, KS... Tune in later, race fans, because soon I hope to put some real digital music in the form of MP3's on this site. Keep checking in, and sign the book!

4-10-00... Sorry, homies, I been busy... Uh, did really well at regional music this weekend, and I got a vehicle on Sunday! A 1990 Dodge Caravan!!! He he he...

7-2-00... Ok, boys and girls, sorry about the HUUUUUGE wait between updates. I've been kinda busy, but I plan on completing a GIANT overhaul soon, with new pics, new... well, you know, stuff. Check yall later.

8-13-00... Ok, I'm sick of posting to the archived news stuff, so I'm gonna have a poll... should I keep the archive or dump it? The fate of the civilized world rests in your capable hands...

9-8-00... So the poll thing didn't work. Whoop de do... I'm enjoying college life, yall... life is GOOD... Life is GOD.

Archived News

Album Reviews

Becca's World in DAVE'S WORLD!!!

Alternate Front Page

My VeggieTales Pics

The Many Instruments I Play

Sounds of a Christian Musician

Dave's Autobiography

My Buddies Page

My Interesting Pics

Christian Guitar Tab

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