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What kind of thing is Lithuania?

The Stereotype of the Lithuanians.
The Lithuanians are hard-working, because the standard of living here is rather low. That is probably why they are always serious, concerned about something and smile rarely, but they have a sense of humour. Lithuanian people are rather reserved, they don't talk much. The Lithuanians are hospitable and welcome foreigners gladly. The dressing style differ from a person to a person. But older people prefer clothes of a classical style. The colors are usualy dark. Young people prefer different crazy styles and colors. One of the elements of clothing popular today are enormous heels (5-20cm).Well, in fact the Lithuanians are kind people.
To find out more visit Lthuania and make observations.
P.S. The stereotype describes only the most vivid features of the nation. And there are always people that do not confirm to any stereotypes.

What do the Lithuanians Like to Eat?
The Lithuanians eat a lot of potatoes. There are such meals from potatoes: boiled potatoes with something, fried patatoes with something, pancakes from potatoes, KUGELIS (a one large potatoe pancake), CEPELINAI, ZEMAICIU BLYNAI ("Zemaiciu" potatoe pancakes stuffed with meat). But the Lithuanians eat not only potatoes. There are also BALANDELIAI (cabage rolls stuffed with meat), SALTIBARSCIAI (cold soup), and... Well, if you are interested and want to try to prepare a Lithuanian meal yourself use the link below. And this is a Lithuanian dinner table.

How Does Lithuania Look Like?
Here are some sights of the Lithuania: The Trakai insular castle and a part of Vilnius city.

More pictures coming soon.