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KAOS TV is aired on this channel,friday nights 11pm.
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whats up! this is my first webpage,for my video show once i get the hang of putting a web page together,this should be a cool sight! This page is all about my television show KAOS TV . I have a long way to go to get this page set up on the count that i dont know anything about setting up a page!This page will be dedicated for the show.It will tell you everything you need to know,basically the show is an underground music video program.We play all kinds of formats,mostly heavy music,like METAL, HARDCORE,PUNK......etc.

KAOS TV kicks ass! We dont hold back on KAOS TV ,theres no cencorship on must of the videos that I play.I also have a filthy mouth,I like to curse a lot hehehe! and I dont believe in cencorship of any kind; LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!! This show is a no hold barred video program thats played on public access television that offers viewers a choice in video music and entertainment.

There is also a section in the show called"Tales from the Pit" .this is a live performance ,where i put in videos from local and established bands,footage from live shows,practices,bootlegs...etc. I am always looking for BANDS to put on the show,so if your interested give me a buzz. I DO NOT ACCEPT COVER BANDS!!!!! only originals should reply!So keep checking out this page,because it will be better once i get set on putting this together! If your in a band and want to be on KAOS TV go to the BANDS link for more information.

KAOS TV has 24 episodes out,If your intrested in getting one of these episodes e-mail me.the cost is only $10 per tape that is a donation that keeps KAOS TV going.The show is a non profit program and gets support through sponsorships and donations !!

Hey I just finished the PLAYLIST so check it out,this should give you an idea what the show is about.I still dont know much about html but at least I'M TRYING hehehe! Give it some time and I should get the hang of this.later

Update Nov,20 th.

Yo!whats up,I am adding more info to this site.I just learned how to upload and I'm learning something new everyday,this html stuff is cool even though I only know some commands,NOT BAD for a newbie.Well once I get a scanner I can put some pictures in this site,the only drawback is that pics take up alout of space and 5 megs is not that much for a site but its free so I shouldnt bitch!hehehe! Well I must go now the turkey awaits,This year I get to be the one that chops off the head hehehe!I cant wait later,Tony
Update Dec,9 th

New show starting next weak so keep a look out for the new Playlist,its going to be a heavy. A christmas special of sorts HAHAHA! Merry FUCKING christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year dont drink and might hit a bump and spill your drink hehehe.

Update Dec.27 th.

Hey Im going to start the newKAOS TV episode it will be done very soon this show is going to kick ass, so keep a look out for it,This will be the first show of the new year so its gonna be cool

Update April,8 th.

The new show is here,KAOS TV episode 24 it kicks ass,theres a lot of coolbands in this one.This episode features the RASTA MAN weed smoker to the extreme, so if your into it check it out.

Update April,8 th.

Just finished episode 25,check it out!!
Update Oct. 2 nd.

whats up!!! its been a long time since I updated this page....been lazy hehehe. I will be starting school on the fourth of October New England's going to kick ass.Im taking the video and radio program wohoo!!

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