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Meet Isaac Max Benton Morgan Meet Isaac Max Benton Morgan
Isaac Max Benton Morgan
Born: February 5th, 1998 ~ Died: May 17th, 1998

~MAX~...Mommy Loves YOU!!!

Nov. 1998 - Thankyou for visiting Max's website. My dream was to have this website completed by Christmas. I am so grateful my dream is reality! This site is meant to be a tribute to my son. A celebration of his very short life. These are my thoughts, and feelings. I do not speak for anyone but myself. This site consists of several pages. There are a lot of pictures, so please be patient while they are downloading.
I hope when you are finished you come away with a sense of how much I love my son; How much his short life meant to our family, and how we are forever changed because of the Blessing of this Beautiful Baby Boy.

September ~ 2001

I decided to redo some of Max's Website...(playing with my new software). Many new pictures have been added. It still takes way too long to download, so please be patient. I still miss Max as much as ever...The Lord has Blessed me with a bit of Peace...and Healing. If you are new to this "LifeLong Journey Through Grief"?...
My message to you is...

It just takes a very long time...
Everyone grieves differently...
There is no "right" way to grieve.
There is no "time limit" either.
Take your time, and be kind to yourself.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was completely suprised! I just knew I was being Blessed with a miracle. I have 3 daughters, and thought I would not, could not have anymore children.

When the sonogram showed I was having a BOY, I was ecstatic!!!
A SON!!!
I had always wanted a boy. I could not wait.

The girls and I thought of so many names, then one day.... Leonae, (my oldest daughter)... her great uncle had given her a stack of books. The stack of books fell over and this one book singled itself out. The Happiest People On Earth Who are they, and What Is Their Secret? I think messages happen that way. I definately wanted to be "The happiest person on earth" so I picked it up and started reading it.
It is a book written by an Armenian minister named Demos from California, the book is pretty old. It started out with the minister talking about his grandparents. The setting is in Armenia. The women in the villiage were together at his grandparents house, a crippled old prophet came to the door, Demos's grandparents had 10 daughters, no sons. The prophet touched his grandmother's stomach and said that 1 year from today, she would have a baby, and it would be a son. Well the prophecy came true. One year from that day, she did have a baby and it was a son. They named him Isaac, because Isaac was Abraham's long awaited son. This was their long awaited son.
I thought how appropriate, this baby, this boy, was definately my long awaited son. I wanted him to have a biblical name. Isaac was perfect. I knew I wanted to name my son after my dad, and my grandfather, (the two greatest men I have ever known). My dad's name is Jerry Max, and my grandfather's name was William Luther Benton ****. My long awaited son's name would be:

Isaac Max Benton Morgan

I could not decide if it should be Isaac Max or Max Isaac. I felt like Max Morgan sounded too much like a private detective. I knew we would call him Max, so I decided leagally, his first name would be Isaac.

Isaac means "laughter, or "he laughs"

The big day was here. I knew what day Max would be born. I live over an hour away from the hospital, and since I did not want Max to be born on 169 hwy, my doctor said "Let's have a baby on Thursday." He broke my water about 8:00 am and said "don't have him until 12:10 pm, so I can finish my morning office appointments." I said "no way !!! This baby will be here sooner than that." I requested an epidural, they gave it to me, and not 5 minites after, I was ready to have a baby. We had to wait on my Dr. When he finally got there, with Leonae in the room, 3 pushes and Isaac Max Benton Morgan was born at 12:10 PM. February 5th, 1998.


Leonae and I were so excited. She was standing up by my head and my Dr. said come down here where you can see. I got to cut his cord. Leonae was taking pictures like crazy. Most are out of focus, she was shaking, we were laughing and crying at the same time. It was absolutely one of the most wonderful moments of my life. Leonae went out into the waiting room to get her sisters. Max was in the warmer, naked, and crying. We were all so happy.

Pure JOY !!!

Here we are, our first family picture.
Mommy (Jackie), Big Sisters, Leonae 14, Nicole 8, she is holding Max,
and Jessica 7.
My family is perfect!

Leonae and Max...15 minutes old!

Here I am with my Beautiful Son.
~Mommy and Max~

It's 2 am, I had just finished feeding Max, (I breast fed him). He was wide awake, eyes open. "Look at this big world Max". I love all his hair. My girls were bald.

Jessica holding Max before we went home...
"Don't drop him Jess!!!"

Waiting to go home from the hospital.
"Look at this boy hold his head up!"
It was amazing how strong he was.

"Ok...I'm ready to go..."

Each page on Max's Website has it's own song. All the music has a special meaning to me. The song on this page is the beautiful and moving "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

The words mean so much....

I'd give up forever to touch you
I know that you feel me somehow
Your the closest to heaven, that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
All I can taste is this moment
All I can breathe is your life
But sooner or later it's over

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