Adventures of a Boy Without a Home

An American Exchange Student in Hungary... and Afterward

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By Way of Explanation...

From August 2000 to July 2001, I lived and studied in the city of Satoraljaujhely, Hungary. It was my senior year of high school. It was beautiful, and I loved it very much. Then I came back, and went came to Madison, WI for university.


{Today's Entry } - 28 Sept 03 - 1 am

I've moved! Yes, I'm now using the ever-so-popular blogger. I'll leave this site up - not sure what I'll do with the blog part yet, but the Hungary part will stay up for sure. So anyway, check out my new site, and tell your friends to do the same.



Everything is up by month, to make things easier. Just pick a month, and get ready for weeks of fun - journal-style!

August: in which I arrive in Hungary. I eat the native food, mail a letter, and address the school in Hungarian. Read on for more!

September: this is the month I ask barkeeps for food, challenge Europeans in soccer, and bake chocolate chip cookies, among other things.

October: read about adventures in Venice and the theatre, as well as a "unique" Halloween party.

November: lots of trips, and "backwards day" are just the beginning... Wait, with whom am I dancing now?

December: talking to little kids and seeing an opera, birthday parties, and of course Christmas! And who am I living with now?

January: New Year, new cities, and trying to ski.

February: in which month I celebrate my birthday and trick some English people.

March: What? My family came visiting? And where is my doctor?

April: this is another month full of travel - in Hungary, in Italy, and to another new family.

May: locking a door is more a challenge than it would seem at first. This is also class trip month!

June: Italian invasion, complete castles in Austria, and the end of school. Also, my amazing Central Europe trip.

July: in which the adventure ends. But will I make it to the airport?

Afterward: some thoughts from the States

Some Notes on Pronunciation

"gy" is pronounced "dj"

"s" is pronounced "sh"

"cs" is pronounced "ch"

"sz" is pronounced "s"

"zs" is pronounced "zh"

"c" is pronounced "ts"

"ly" is pronounced as a soft "j" (as in "yes")

"j" is also pronounced as a soft "j"

Vowels are funny. Because my keyboard is Hungarian-language impaired, I won't go into pronunciations, because I can't differentiate "e" from "e with an accent mark over it". Every letter comes plain and with an accent mark, which can change pronunciation. The letters "u" and "o" also come with two points and two accents marks.

Every letter is pronounced. Therefore, if you see "Mate," read "Mah-tay."

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