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The pattern of gematria and sacred geometry that underlies the torah and the entire old and new testaments is astounding. There are many web pages and books that go into great detail on this amazing construction from God. If you arn't familiar at all here are a few links to bring you up to speed. I would also recomend any book by Bonnie Gaunt or Michael Drosnin. Michael Drosnin's equidistant letter skipping work is the weakest example of the repetetive geometric patterns in the Bible even though it is the most famous. The problem with ELS is that it borders on fortune telling and not following Gods word.

Theomatics - The other bible code

Vernon Jenkins - This is an excellent yet simple page.

The Sacred Geometry Stories of Jesus Christ: Home Page - Becareful here this person is not a Christian however the mathmatic code in the bible uncovered here is excellent. Just goes to show that Bible codes do not make a person convert. Still worth a visit lots of factual information.



Here I will be working with the first seven words of the torah. The torah being the first five books of the old testament. The first seven words have a total gematric value of 2701. 2701 being 37 x 73. Interesting to note that both numbers consist of 3 and 7. Three representing the trinity of the God head. Seven representing the 7 spirits of God. If we take the first five words and add up the gematric value the total is 1998 or (666 x 3). If we take the last two words and add them their total is 703. The numbers 666, 2701 and 703 are triangle numbers. A triangle number is any number that can be arranged into a perfect triangle. Take the number three for example.

Three =

O   O

The next triangle number would be six.

Six =

  O   O  
O   O   O

and so on.

Here are the first 37 triangle numbers.

1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120, 136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300,

325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666, 703.

Hebrew is read right to left so to make it easy its arranged in a column.


Examining the gematric nature of the first seven words of genesis we see that it forms five triangles, three 666 triangles, one 703 triangle and the total triangle of 2701 creating the following figure. The purple area is high lighted to show one of the 666 triangles. Observe that if you count the dots in the circumference (the darker purple) that they add up to 105 which is also a triangle number. Counting one side of 666 triangle give the number 36. If you count the circumference dots that make up the total 2701 triangle they add up to 216 or (6 x 6 x 6). The total of the dots in the center triangle are 703. So why the three 666's in the first seven words of the bible(original Hebrew). 666 is the number of the beast right? Yes however 666 is originally the number of man. It is the worship of 666 or man that is evil. The geometric arrangement of genesis gives a representation of God being in the center(the 703 dark blue triangle). It is a wonderful illustration of the intent of Gods word. And that is to establish Gods throne within the heart of man for man's salvation. With the acceptance of the final sacrifice for sins of Jesus Christ, the psyche of the Christian is handed over to our Lord. The temple is built within for the habitation of the Holy Spirit. So what you could not do and understand you now can do. And what you would have done previously now you don't do. This relationship is fulfilled in its perfection when we receive glorified bodies.

Taking a closer look at the center of this triangle is a star of David consisting of 73 total dots. Subtract the 36 outer dots and that leaves a star with 37 dots. In the center of the star is the throne of God with seven lamps(Revelation 4:5). The four beasts are in the square produced if the throne is rotated into 3 dimensions. Please note that Revelation says in the midst of the throne are the four beasts(Revelation 4:6). The beasts wings are the six that rotate around the throne(Revelation 4:6). To finish the throne area are the 24 elders round about the throne.(Revelation 4:4). The remaining three triangles (dark blue) in the center 703 triangle are 153 dots each as mentioned in John 21:11.

(E = elders 24) (W = beast wings 6) (T = throne 7).

                O   O                
              O   E   O              
O   O   O   O   E   E   O   O   O   O
  O   E   E   E   W   E   E   E   O  
    O   E   W   T   T   W   E   O    
      O   E   T   T   T   E   O      
    O   E   W   T   T   W   E   O    
  O   E   E   E   W   E   E   E   O  
O   O   O   O   E   E   O   O   O   O
              O   E   O              
                O   O                

If we take the seven central dots a perfect golden rectangle can be formed within by connecting lines to the center of four outer circles. This is the first step in creating an icosehedron. by rotating the figure and adding lines we can place 2 more golden rectangles on 2 dimensions. In order to extend into 3 dimensions and have all 15 golden rectangles the figure is rotated into 3 dimensions. The third dimension is possible only when the minds eye realizes the three dimensional cube within the circles.

Lets compare this imagery to the new Jerusalem described in Revelations 21. Revelation 21:16 states that the city is in a square with 12 foundations. Sounds kind of odd because a square has 8 vertices(foundations). However if we take three golden rectangles intersecting on planes of equal length width and depth we create the foundations(12) of an isocohedron. Also there is a cube visible in the center with seven vertices visible. The eighth vertices is only visible when the icosehedron is rotated. Then the hexagon in 2 dimensions (sea of glass revelation 4:6) becomes a three dimensional cube. At each subsequent rotation a hexagon is formed within the icosehedron. rotate the the hexagon into a cube and a new icosehedron is formed within. Rinse and repeat into infinity so that a vortex is formed connecting to infinity. Closer to the truth though is that the vortex emerges from infinity. In essence the new Jerusalem is a doorway or a ladder to eternity from God.


lets compare this with some simple English gematria shown in the table below. English gematria is kind of different in that each letter has a simple number assigned to it and has a reverse value.

Example C = 3 standard and 24 reverse.

A = 1     A = 26  
B = 2     B = 25  
C = 3     C = 24  
D = 4     D = 23  
E = 5     E = 22  
F = 6     F = 21  
G = 7     G = 20  
H = 8     H = 19  
I = 9     I = 18  
J = 10     J = 17  
K = 11     K = 16  
L = 12     L = 15  
M = 13     M = 14  
N = 14     N = 13  
O = 15     O = 12  
P = 16     P = 11  
Q = 17     Q = 10  
R = 18     R = 9  
S = 19     S = 8  
T = 20     T = 7  
U = 21     U = 6  
V = 22     V = 5  
W = 23     W = 4  
X = 24     X = 3  
Y = 25     Y = 2  
Z = 26     Z = 1  

Lets take a look at two newly popular words in the English language. Computer and Internet.

C O M P U T E R   Total
3 15 13 16 21 20 5 18 Standard 111
24 12 14 11 6 7 22 9 Reverse 105
I N T E R N E T   Total
9 14 20 5 18 14 5 20 Standard 105
18 13 7 22 9 13 22 7 Reverse 111

Amazing computer and internet are exact gematric mirrors of each other. What's more is that if you add their totals in either direction they add up to 216! The number 111 is 37x 3 or 37+37+37. 37 is a fundamental number in gematria with many geometric properties. It is a prime number a star number a hexagonal number and its reverse 73 is also a star number. 111 is also a number that has an ancient association to the magic square of the sun in Babylonian mysticism. If you add the total of any row or the total of either two diagonals they total 111. The sum of all of the numbers in the square is 666. The Babylonians were so enchanted with this magic square that its image was minted on some of their coins. The purpose here is not to delve into the fortune telling that the Babylonians were using the square for, but to reveal the nature of the number 111 and its connection to Babylon and 666.

36 6 21 16 29 3
31 1 15 22 34 8
11 23 19 25 24 9
26 14 12 18 13 28
5 35 17 20 4 30
2 32 27 10 7 33

Now something to think about, the gematric total of the name New York is 111 and 78. The height of the statue of liberty is 111 feet from head to toe. Keep this in mind when you read the article titled Mystery Babylon.

Ok so computer and internet both total the number 111 in their respective directions. What is so unique about the number 105? 105 is also a triangle number. The perimeter of a 666 triangle is equal to 105. Scroll back up to the large 2701 triangle illustration to get a better picture of this. Again 216 or 6 x 6 x 6 is the sum of 111 and 105. 216 is also the perimeter of the 2701 triangle. The words computer and internet not only have a connection to Babylon and mimics Gods throne in geometric qualities but additionally embody the number 666 in a way just the number alone cannot do.

Obviously the internet or any collection of computers is not Gods true word or throne. So the question comes to mind why the mathematic similarities to gods throne ? In revelations were are admonished to count carefully the number of the beast. Gematia has been used in many forms to identify possible anti-christs. Hitler, roman emperor nero, the pope, etc., and even Bill Gates and Al Gore have gematric totals of 666 depending on what system you employ. But what all of these have in common is that they don't have any geometric structure within the numbers to support the claim. Certainly most of the mentioned persons were anti-Christ's in their time but not the final anti-christ in revelation. You could say that Hitler and Nero and the pontiffs and others are the foundations of the final anti-christ. The bible gives us an excellent description in geometry of the throne of God and then says that the anti-christ sits in the throne of God as if God. If Gods throne is within the psyche of man as a conscious choice of the individual to hand control of the same psyche over to Christ then then true anti-christ would try and do just the same. This is not possible to do even with demonic possession in that a possessed person still can be saved and has free will to chose. I believe it takes a lifetime of rejection to curse against Gods Holy Spirit. Revelations states that anyone who takes the mark of the beast cannot be saved even while they are still alive. In effect free will will be removed from the individual making it impossible to repent. So what does this have to do with the Internet and computers? In the section titled consciousness we will explore this further.