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Which of the following would you like to have the most?

A twin that goes to work for you but requires no money to support

Your own theme music whenever you enter a room

A midget clone of yourself

A [insert your name here]-mobile

A Crayola crayon named after you

A DVD of famous people acting out scenes of your life

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sites i visit often
  • kisrael.com - Kirk Israel's site, "quotes and links. worth the click."
  • Becky's blog - my sister's college friend's younger sister who is now my friend
  • George's Thoughts - after college, i'll have gone to school with him for 17 years
  • Jason's Cantina - co-president of JCCR's site, complete with thoughts, quotes, and  IOTDs
  • Brian's blog - life from the eyes of an OU student with a Nintendo contoller belt buckle
  • Ashley's blog - one of the coolest gals east of the mississippi
  • Liz's livejournal - a student at RIT, Liz never ceases to make me laugh
other sites
  • Ruet Caelum - Chris, John, Boomer, and Thome's band's official site.
  • The Blender of Love - Lots o' love poems and quotes from users all over the place.
  • explodingdog - the artwork of Sam Brown.
  • SLOTH - Chelsea and Nicole's web comic
  • Worth1000 - Great site featuring photoshop competitions and more.