J.H. and Gertrude Wofford

Joseph Harrison and Gertrude Wofford, taken on 7th Steet

Front Row, JM, Shirley Wofford Hogan, Jerry. Back Row JH, Gertrude, Joyce Wofford Broyles, Joan Wofford Gilbert, Glenda Wofford Timms

Gertrude Barnet Wofford, Mother of Joseph Marcus Wofford

Bessie Waters Wofford, Tressie Davis Waters

John and Lular Barnett, parents of Gertrude B. Wofford

Gertrude Barnett Wofford and her Mother, Lular Whitener Barnett

Luther Levi Barnett, father of John Erwin Barnett father of Gertrude Wofford, Mary Godfrey Barnett, Mother of John Erwin Barnett

Martha "Mattie" Hardin Whitener Mother of Lular Whitener Barnett, A Barnet/Starkey Dinner around 1945

Elsbeth Anne Wofford with her great grandparents Joseph Harrison and Gertrude Wofford