In Memory of Elsbeth Anne Wofford

Elsbeth Anne Wofford was born June 16, 1984, the daughter of Marcus Wofford and April Jagger Wofford. She was the only grandchild of JM and Louise Shaw Wofford of Calhoun, Georgia. The eldest great grandchild of JH and Gertrude Barnet Wofford, and the great grand daughter of William and Hassie Shaw. She was pampered and spolied throughout her life by her fathers family and early in life demostrated talent in writing and art, winning several awards. She grew into a beautiful young woman who was published in several publications and was an accomplished student. She left us with 5 beautiful children, Devin Ingle, Jacob Ingle, Quintin Tyler, Melody Tyler, and Harmony Tyler.

Elsbeth left us on August 31, 2011. She was the victim of domestic abuse but would never have done anything to harm or leave her children. She was a great mother and loved her children more than anything in the universe, they were everything to her. We lost a shining star, a part of each of us died with she passed over and she is missed every moment of every hour of every day. I wanted her children in years to come to know who she was and hopefully who our family is.

Jacob Ingle, Melody Tyler, Quintin Tyler, Devin Ingle holding Harmony Tyler.

One of Elsbeths Blogs

Some of Elsbeths Poetry

Another of Elsbeths Blogs

This is a video of my Niece Elsbeth Anne Wofford Tyler, she passed away on August 31, 2011.

Elsbeth in her great Grandfathers lap 1985