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The Life of Virginia Woolf

This research paper is on the famous writer Virginia Woolf. It is for an AP (Advanced Placement) English class at St. Bernard Highschool. The Dear Reader Letter is a welcome to the reader that explains the purpose of my paper and my personal thoughts on it. The five genres are different categories I created to better explain Virginia Woolf's beliefs and writing style, as well as her depressive mentality due to severe trauma in her youth. Finally, the Later Reader is a conclusion that brings the paper to a close. To begin the presentation is a brief overview of Virginia Woolf's writing. Style:intelligent, independent, paralleled, and rhetorical Diction: large descriptive words, use of question words such as why or what Syntax: long sentences, use of many commas, rhetorical form

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Dear Reader
Genre 1: The Cartoon
Genre 2: The Advertisement
Genre 3: The Letters
Genre 4: The Poem
Genre 5: The Journal Entry
Later Reader

Genre Transitions and Explanations