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Friday, April 09, 2004

Today I realized (again) how blessed I am. I have a wonderful family, good kids, good health, and last but not least…great friends!! How many people do you know that are just acquaintances, and how many can you count, that are your true friends? I pondered that question today in my own mind. Of course, people have many different definitions of what a true friend is. Mine is (in order of importance): Someone I can laugh with (a good sense of humor), someone to share those daily triumphs and failures with (who ohhs and awws at the right moment), and someone who no matter how bad you look doesn’t care because they love ya anyway. I made a list (on another sheet of paper) of my TRUE, TRUE dear friends….and I almost got writers cramp…LOL
I still get the question, “How do you make so many friends online”? Well I am open.
Open to new experiences,
Open to new adventures,
Open to new friends,
Open to new ideas,
Open to new concepts,
Open to thoughts,
Open to challenges.
Judging is something that is done in a court room. Criticism I save for the critics.
Now on the flip side I do have “acquaintances”. Those are the people who question my faith in God. Those are the people who judge me by the way I look. Those are the people who think my opinion is not worth anything. Those are the people who criticize the way I live.
Then why have acquaintances??????
Because they are the people who make you appreciate your friends even more :)

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

New Pups
Well Tina had her puppies Sunday the 21st. She had 8 but one passed away shortley after birth. She is being a very good first time mommy. Taking very good care of her babies.

Now Kaley started having her pups right around 7 pm the 25th (thursday night). She had one then we moved her to the back porch cause Tina wouldn't leave her or the new pup alone. She had another soon after that and it was stillborn. The 3rd one was ok and it and the first are still alive. She had another sometime the next morning. When I got up to check on her she wanted off the porch to pee. So I opened the door and let her out then went to make my coffee. While I was making my coffee I heard the door slam. I ran to look and Tina had taken one of Kaleys pups (the last one born) and ran with it. She ran under my house so I couldn't catch her. When we went under the house a few minutes later to retrieve it it was dead. :(

She still looked prego so we watched her all day. Took her for walks and then...
She didn't have any more till a few hours ago..and it was stillborn also. Still going to see if anymore are coming and see if they live..lets hope and pray!!
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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Disgusted and Disillusioned and News
Well things are going shitty lately. Starting in November my comp fried out on me, my car's tranny started going out on me, and my dryer caught fire. Then in January my son moved back in with his girlfriend...and didn't leave till I threw them both out today!!!
My two dogs are prego by the SAME stray dog (which we NEVER did catch even though we sat around and plotted and planned how to catch him), and my cats tail got caught in something and is falling off!! And thats only the tip of the bad luck mountain.
I suspected something for months but didn't want to believe it till I saw it with my OWN two eyes. I am still in shock and I still want to be back in the same "it is not true" state of mind. It is wierd how people can see things and hear things but not see or hear them at the same time. I mean it registered in my mind, but my heart didn't want it to be so.

Homeschool is going good. Daryl is climbing the "smart mountain" as we call it around here. The nice weather around here has changed our school time a little. We try to get outdoors as much as we can. So we do most our work at night now.
Well Daniel is going through those TERRIBLE THREES. I swear out of all my 4 kids, none of them EVER went through the terrible twos..just the threes!!! He is driving us nuts but I know this phase will pass. Soon I am praying!!!!!!!!!
Well not much else..just checking in with the news for this season...LOL

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Busy Busy Busy
Boy have I been busy. I am homeschooling again and the year is going good so far. Daryl has matured a lot over the summer and he is shocking me on his wisdom. His dad even freaks out when he uses "Big Words"....LOL

My Cross Stitch site is doing good too. Now I'm not getting rich but it is fun to make the patterns and I have now decided to sell off my collection of cross stitch books. I can't cross stitch like I used to because of my arm, so I figure why hold onto them. Somebody else can use them and get some good from them.

My "Adult Kids" are driving me nuts. But this is something new to me...raising Adult Children. I really wish they would move out, but I also want them to have a good start when they do. But I just think they have it to easy living at home. I moved out when I was 17 and had not a job nor a place to live. And I think it made me stronger than some of these wimpy kids of today. They want to have a brand NEW car and all new stuff before they leave...sheesh!!! I STILL don't have a brand new car..and new stuff...LOL don't get me started. If I even BUY something new they ruin it, burn it, or break it. But do they even say they are sorry..yeah they a sarcastic way. I think they's not theirs, they didn't have to buy it so who cares!!

Well I guess thats all the news for now. Even though I am busy with my sons and my business. I hope to drop a note in here again soon.
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