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May 4, 2002


As I was in prayer on Sunday afternoon, the Spirit of the Lord directed my attention to this area called "Dutch New Guinia." This is the word of the Lord which the Lord brought to me in word and in vision at this time:


The sun shall appear as a red ball in the sky. This is a sign to you. Watch the tisal charts. Now in this vision I see fish nets, and the Lord says: Do not fear. There will be enough to eat. Some will judge after what they hear in the natural, and it shall throw some people off. Stay close to the Lord, and hear His voice. It is the time for the miraculous catch of fish.


God gives me a vision of a pair of Dutch wooden shoes. In the vision I hear: "You will need these." Someone places coins in the shoe, and I hear the words: There's a time to keep and a time to cast away. The wise shall understand. The value of the "wooden shoes" is the protection it gives the foot. And that they lift you up and out of flood waters. At times you'll want to cast away this "Dutch element." Be fore-warned.


At times your automobile will lack gas. And in the vision, I hear this: "Do you need a lift?" In the vision, I see Arafat, and he is selling tickets to a grand opening, after something has been closed for a long time. And the Lord says: "Look that gift horse in the mouth." And Ira-jean will get hers! Borrow vessels not a few. There will be a short windfall. The grvy train will not last forever. There will be a time of extravagnce. Lavish banquets...held in honour of great dignitaries. You shall say: Whatever is going on?


A vehicular homicide will come to light. Great tension in the wheel, so that it could not turn out of the path. Some of you will see things in the news, that trouble you. These are being given to you that you might pray them through, and your Lord bring forth judgment unto truth. Do not say to Me: Why is there no judgment in the earth!" Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves. The servant is not greater than his master.

I see princesses of many nations and weddings for it's a time of great alliances. Wed yourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, and His holiness. For many will be cast down due to the economy. Due to these alliances that will at times be extremely unwholesome. You will see alliances even in My church, says the Lord; with whom you do not agree. For these shall not be based on kingdom living and principles, but on men seeking for advantage, in every way, shape and form. Seek My face! I will honour those that honour Me. And lift up those that lift up My holy name in life...In principle. If the shoe fits...


You shall pour over these prophecies given to you, and seek My face as to their outcome and meaning. Many will be thrown out.* (See notes) Give them sufficient time to "age," says the Lord.


I see a great promenade and many are there. What is so very conspicuous in this vision are the men with one another's wives. This has become socially acceptable. The word of the Lord comes to me saying:

"For by Him actions are weighed."


In this vision, I see what appears to be a man in a military hat. He is quite a hero. He has been through many battles. A shot is fired. I see blood and an injury to the head. There is a nation in mourning. There is a time and a season and a new leader is chosen. He is not as the other. Many fear. I see ELizabeth the Queen and there is grave concern on her face. People say: Where will we even get the groceries? It's a time for bearing down in prayer. For lifting up. A time to keep till you are told to cast away. Do not be hasty nor frivolous. Rely on the leading of the Lord.

There is a rummaging through old stuff, and old stores, as the house-holder bringing forth from the treasuries of his house, the old, the new. Some will accuse this as a "re-heating of old issues." It's a necessary clarifying, that old impurities might be skimmed off in the heat of the debate. Many judgments are just says the Lord. Others falter. Happy is the man who is not condemned in that which he allows.

*Judging prophecy:

The scriptures give guidelines for judging prophecy. First, prophetic words are always subject to God's written word, and cannot contradict it. If someone gives you a prophetic word, and says: This is from God," test it by the bible. Secondly, often times prophecies are tossed aside because they simply are not understood at the time they are given. It's probably safe to say that many prophecies of scripture needed time to "ripen to fulfillment," in order to be fully understood. Habakkuk said: "The vision is yet for an appointed time. At the end it will speak and will not lie." For this reason, God reminds us in the enclosed prophetic communication, to judge prophecy, then keep what should be archived, prayed about and watched over.

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