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T.C. Campbell
Breakthrough Intl

Study Course Examination Number 3
Dance of Manahaim Study Course

Like other Jewish men of His day in the Hebrew culture, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, both sang and danced, during His earthly ministry and His life on earth. He grew up participating in the various holy festivals in Israel, in which the congregation of Israel praised and worshipped. This was as normal an activity as breathing to Him. From your syllabus "The Dance of Manahaim," which Old Testament psalm speaks of his love of "declaring His Father's name among His brethren?"


Where is this quoted in the New Testament?


In what New Testament "time period" or event, is Jesus described as "dancing" a dance that means to "exult, be exceeding glad, to jump for joy or to greatly rejoice?


The Lord Jesus Christ danced in His hope of the resurrection. Give the scriptural reference for this, together with the New testament quotation.


There is joy in the Father's house when one sinner comes to God. Among Israeli's, there is a great love for dancing. In the bible days, they danced as they worked, as well as while at feasts.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, the joyful household is hosting a huge celebration or religious house party which includes dancing," as part of the festivities. Looking up this verse in a Strong's concordance, what is the term used of the dance found going on inside the father's house when the elder son returned from the field?

The joy of a wedding celebration is an extremely happy one for everybody. Jesus Himself danced with joy over the anticipation of His bride, the church. What dance term is used in Psalm 45, for the joy that Jesus has "above His fellows?" Describe in your own words, this passage of scripture.





The processional was one form of group dance seen during feast days in the Old Testament. From a concordance, look up the scripture given in your Dance of Manahaim syllabus, and write down the Hebrew dance term for the scriptural "processional."


What dance term is used for dancing about the altar of the Lord? Give the scriptural reference for this.


We know that "in God's presence is fulness of joy!" The bible describes a "joyful sound," that goes with it. What dance is descriptive of the one done by those who know this "joyful sound?"


Jesus knew the joyful sound from His birth, when choirs of angels filled the sky, and the heavenly hosts sang "Allelujah," at His coming into the world, and exclaimed: Peace on earth and goodwill towards men. In these tidings of great joy, we find a dance term. What is it?


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