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July 25, 2006

You hold My lampstand in your hand. It needs oil to burn long into the night. I have given instructions in My Word to place this lampstand thus and so. The wise shall buy their oil. There will be a price to pay to see even when times are dark. You'll be clothed with great spiritual wealth. The wise shall understand. I AM the Lord your God who multiplied the cruse of oil miraculously, provided Brook Cherith for Elijah and moved him when it dried up. When your brook dries up, the Word of the Lord received as you pray, shall fill it or move you to greener pastures. There is no guilt when you stand by My Word says the Lord. Do not allow man to place false guilt on you. I am doing a new thing in your lives. Freeing you from the shackles of man-made social obligation. I need you to be mobile and fluid like the waters able to be poured into this thirsty place or that. You shall flee out of those places where you should not be. You shall do this "by the Word of the Lord." This shall be your Petra or Valley of Azal. You will learn to obey quickly and not procrastinate until your adversary lights his cannon, causing it to blow up in your face. And this mobility of yours in your relationship with the Lord your God, will be the answer for which you have cried. It is not that I have not heard your prayers, but it is at times YOU who have not heard the voice of quiet stillness for the din about you. You will learn My child, My son, My daughter, not to create this din of confusion. Study to be quiet before Me. Take My yoke on you. Learn of Me. And you will have rest (Shabbat) for your souls.

The 7 Branched Lampstand Prophecy
Part 7

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