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T.C. Campbell
Breakthrough Intl.

Course Exam Number 16
Dance of Manahaim Study Course

For how many centuries did the Yemenite Jews live on the shores of the Gulf of Arbah, prior to Israel's achieving statehood in 1948?


What neighboring culture language and music was incorporated into Yemenite songs such as lullabies, love songs and work songs?


How did this differ with Yemenite religious songs?



The habit of swaying and chanting among the Yemenites goes back to where in history?


Concerning the Yemenite Exodus, a decision reached by the British government in 1917, resulted in the Yemenites returning to the land of Israel. What was the "declaration" that resulted from this decision?


What was stipulated in this declaration at this time?


Because of the Yemenites deep love for the holy scriptures, they understood the covenant of God's love for Israel. In Yemenite weddings, what story is enacted?


Between what years was there a wave of Yemenite immigration to Palestine?


From what region were the Yemenites air-lifted to the land of Israel?


Describe the movements of Yemenite dances.


What well known song comes from Song of Solomon?


Ma Na'Avu comes from a passage of scripture in the Old Testament. What is this scriptural passage?




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