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There are examples of public processions in the scriptures. The people went up to the Temple in a procession, during the major feasts of Israel. If you are planning a procession of this sort in your city, check with city officials to see if ______________________________ are necessary.

Pedestrian safety is a major consideration. Is there sufficient _________________________________________

so that visitors will not be injured as they view the procession or parade?

Where will your parade or procession _______________

or ________________________?

Is there space to ____________________________________________________

Obtain a ______________________________of your city.

Note any ___________________________________________

When your parade route is finalized, give a copy to the ________________________________________________

With regard to sound equipment, do you need to set up ____________________ or _____________________ ahead of time, and is this permitted in your city?

For follow-up, have sufficient _____________________

_______________________ or _________________________

With regard to notifying other churches of the event, have you contacted the _____________________________

of the city in which you are planning the evangelistic event or parade?

With regard to notification or publicizing of the gospel event, or crusade; have you considered

______________________________ or ______________________________

Who will be included in the event or procession, which you are planning?

1) _________________________________________________

2) _________________________________________________

3) _________________________________________________

4) _________________________________________________

6) _________________________________________________

7) _________________________________________________

8) _________________________________________________

9) _________________________________________________

10) ________________________________________________