Sunshine's Page

So you wanna know about me and sunshine, eh? Well, these are some pictures i took of my summer romance with Sunshine, named by me and my group of math cool people. other ppl called him by his other name, zachary or something, but he will forever be known to me as sunshine.

This picture was taken at Bamberger Ranch during, lunch, some food time, i forget. it wasn't the first meal cause that was the Bamburger and everyone ate those outside. But anyway, this page is about sunshine so lets hop to it...

At Retama, most of the time me and sunshine were hanging out together. they brought a big screen in a few times and this was when they were showing some anime movie, it was really interesting but the ruthless cycle of waking at seven and staying up til four finally got to sunshine so i let him sleep during the movie. it was one of those really nice moments you wish never ends, but this one did. behind us, liz and roland enjoy the movie as well. back then, we could sleep and bring blankets to the lobby. well, thanks to us, sorry guys, but there is no sleeping in the lobby. no blankets either. needless to say, there is no sex in the champagne-i mean lobby.

doesn't he just glow? now if you are turning your head to orient this picture for your mind--yes you, i can tell you are--stop it, just trying to save you the kneck grief because i did it and i am the one that took the picture and i couldn't get it right, so unless you wanna prove me wrong, just scroll right along now, go on, get!

i love reeses and i had bought myself some at the h.e.b down the street from the school away from the highway. being the intricately smart young man that he is, sunshine built this pyramid for me one day in my room. i loved it so much, and i was so sad to see it go, but like i said, i love reeses so it went pretty quickly.

on the way to the river, or the park, one of the two, there were some ducks going to the pond on campus across the street from a pizza place. since they didnt' run right when we went up to them, i guess they were like the moth on the wall. anyway, he started chasing them and i thought it was just so cute. he didn't catch any though. it was all good, we did get a day at the river, or the park, one of the two, out of the whole ordeal.

here comes the sun, do do do do, here comes the sun and i say its alright.*

now, the rule is that boys and girls can be in each other's rooms til eleven at night, ten on the weekday, and it is so easy to get caught so don't try any unauthorized sleepovers, and if you can get one authorized, let me know, but note the door in the background. its open. big deal right? yeah, it is. if there is at least one other gender of the opposite sex in your room, the door must be open. how open, well, it depends on how cool the counselor on your floor is...

can your bf do this? well, mine could. just so you all know, we are cool now, which means i am single...O_o(and looking =) )

i would pass this flower everyday after leaving class to go to my dorm, it was a sunflower, and all summer i watched it sitting there, closed up. i still thought it was pretty. then, one day, me, sunshine, and clauja(a.k.a claudia) were passing it and it had blossomed. i wanted to take a picture of it, and i did. but i also wanted to take a picture with sunshine and the flower, sunshine, sunflower... well it worked for me.

i believe i took this picture after we reached the top of the rock, enchanted rock of course. him, victor, and rolland courageously helped ppl get out of the cave we all got stuck in. it was phil's idea to go in, and i never found out who got stuck, but i had never felt so proud for someone as i had at that moment. i mean, it was like him and roland were fire fighters or something. it was a very sexy image. my man, the hero.

There are more pictures of me and sunshine, well, me giving him a lapdance and some other things which i have to plead the fifth on simply because i don't have the proof, but, really, that is it for me and sunshine.
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