Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


The Book of the Law, also known as Liber Al vel Legis should be consulted for a better understanding and ones own thoughts on the contents. I say that because while community is an important aspect of Thelema, it is also a very personal path. Each person will get out of The Book of the Law different meanings and impressions, depending on where one is at in time and evolution at the reading in ones life.

The Book of the Law was dictated to Aleister Crowley (pronounce like "holy") on April 8, 9, & 10 of 1904 e.v. by a being he came to know as Aiwass. Aiwass, he believed was his Holy Guardian Angel. (Some translate that as Higher Self.) Crowley came to think that Aiwass was a seperate being, on a higher plane of existance. His purpose was to bring forth a message for Man. A new law was to be established in the dawning of a new Aeon.

This new Aeon is the Aeon of the Child. There are two Aeons so far that man has passed through. The first of these was the Aeon of Isis, the Mother. At this stage in mans' evolution the woman was held in awe for her ability to bear children. To those with knowledge of sociology, the Aeon of Isis is known as the time of the Matriarchal society. The second Aeon was the Aeon of Osiris, the Father. At this stage in mans' evolution the man figured out that he had a part in womans' pregnancy and claimed the dominant role. This is known as the Patriarchal society. This new Aeon of the Child, the Aeon of Horus, is both first two Aeons combined where man and woman are of equal stance, neither being more dominant than the other. We find that we are like children in our quest for understanding, making mistakes and learning from experience. Looking at man since 1904, we, like children, have evolved very rapidly; pushing limits in every direction.

Thelema is a polytheistic religion, meaning that we recognize more than one deity. People enter the study of Thelema from many different paths, having different personal beliefs in regards to god, or the gods/ goddesses. While none of these are contradicted by Thelemic beliefs, there are several gods or godforms central to our practices. They are mainly Egyptian in origin. Nuit is depicted as a beautiful azure-lidded woman arched above the earth. She is the night sky. She represents the endless possibilities of the Universe. Hadit is shown as a red disc with shining wings. Hadit is Nuit manifest. He dwells within each of us, he is the part of us that worships and seeks Union with Nuit, with All Possibility. Ra-Hoor Khuit is depicted as a hawk-headed god with the body of a man, and a red disc (the sun) glowing above his head. He is the Warrior, the strength and courage to be drawn upon in times of adversity. Babalon is the Earth, the mother of man, yet an eternal virgin. She remains pure, untouched and unchanged by that which she receives. Her message to Thelemites is that they should not close themselves off from the outside world, but to endeavor to unite with others through the power of Love. She is depicted as a beautiful woman riding upon a beast with many heads, the body of a lion, and a serpent for a tail. This beast is Therion. He is the untamed animal within us. His many heads represent the many ways he can manifest; hunger, violence, sexuality, through all intense desires. The image of Babalon riding upon Therion demonstrates Love traveling on the back of Desire. It shows that the body supports the spirit, unlike other religions which decree that desire, as well as the physical body, are unclean and sinful. Thelemites believe that the body's desires are pure and holy, that these desires are what keep us alive and vibrant. Harpocrates, also known as Hoor Paar Kraat, is the brother of Ra Hoor Khuit. While Ra Hoor is energy flowing out, Hoor Paar Kraat is energy contained. He is depicted as a baby seated upon a Lotus flower, sucking his thumb. The god of Silence, he is the focus of study for many practitioners of Thelemic Magick.

The word thelema is from the Greek language. It means will, and will is the center of our religion. Our only commandment is "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law." That statement is not as simple as it first seems. Many interpret it to mean "do whatever you want" but in truth, our path is much more structured than that. Every man and every woman is a Star. And every star has its own orbit through the universe, unique to all others. Each of us has a "Great Work," our own purpose for being here on the physical plane. It is our True or Higher Will to take whatever steps are needed to accomplish this goal. We have no right besides to follow our own orbit, to do our Will. I have been asked many times how I know what my true will is, In truth, I do not. That is the reason for the pracices that are a part of Thelema. Yoga, Meditation, Qabalistic Study and Ceremonial Magick all help to still and discipline one's mind, to be able to hear clearly the voice within, known in Thelemic terms as the Holy Guardian Angel. It is this voice that communicates the Will, and guides one toward the accomplishment of the Great Work. Knowledge of and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is one qualification that must be met to be given the title of Adept.

As mentioned earlier, Liber Al vel Legis is the place to begin if you'd like to learn more. There is an abundance of literature available in various book stores, and online. Please visit our LINKS page, and hopefully we can help you find the best resources.

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Love is the Law, Love under Will