A Ritual and Magic Dance for IAO

The Rituals of Invisibility

Consecration of Watchtowers

Consecration of High Priest of L.I.L.

All by G.H. Fra. APO 7=4

then V.H.F. OUME 5=6


(Note: Copied from small holograph MS book in the possession of Dr. J.P. Kowal, and found amongst the papers of Frater Achad: Book was clearly written in Mexico in 1900. ******* see Aleister Crowley's Confessions vol 2 Stanza XXIII. The first two rituals are printed in The Equinox I, 3 pp269-276.)


in Malkuth: ye, ye I invoke!

T(alisman) in l(eft) h(and). Smite three times flat of sword, raise in l(eft) h(and) and sword in r(ight) h(and). Stamp three times r(ight) f(oot).

T(alisman) to N(orth). "The Voice of the Exorcist" etc. M(ystic) C(ircumambulation). Bar in S(outh), Water and Fire.

In W(est) half unveil smite once. "Thou canst not pass from concealment unto manifestation save by virtue of the name of Elohim. Before all things are the Chaos and the Darkness and the Gates of the Land of Night: I am He whose Name is Darkness. I am the Great One of the Paths of the Shades. Ex. in Ex (Short for 'I am the Exorciser in the midst of the Exorcism.T.) Appear thou therefore and take on manifestation without fear before me: for I am He in Whom Fear is not. Thou hast known me: so pass thou on. (Reveil):

Bar in N(orth) Water and Fire

In E(east): Half unveil smite once. Thou canst not pass etc --: IHVH. After the formless and the void and the darkness cometh the knowledge of the Light. I am that Light which riseth in the darkness. I am the Exorciser in the midst of the Exorcism. Take thou on therefore manifestation before me: for I am the Wielder of the Force of the Bilanx. Thou hast known me: pass thou on unto the Cubical Altar of the Universe:

(Lay Sigil on Altar. Repeat previous conjurations with Sigils etc.).

Raise T(alisman) and Unveil:

Creature of Talismans! Long hast thou dwelt in darkness! Quit the Night and seek the Day! By virtue of all the names etc I conjure upon thee power and might irresistible. KHABS AM PEKHT etc (Note: Khabs Am Pekht, Konx Om Pax, Light in Extension.T.)

Lamp brought over T(alisman). "As light hidden in darkness can manifest therefrom, so shalt thou become visible and manifest in matter".

Go E(east) of Altar.

_The Supreme Appellation._

Come unto me, ye forces of the Talisman, that I may seal ye into its flashing light! Come unto me, O Lord Harpocrates!

(Repeat invocation as before)

I am Harpocrates etc (as before).

Thou art the creature of my will: my hands have made thee: I have given thee birth. And Elohim breathed into Adam the breath of life and he became a living soul.

(Breathe 3 times on talisman)

Thou art the symbol of my will: thou art the basis of the Light of God! Appear in power, Obey the Living Breath! Come unto me BINH (etc as before).

I am BINH, Spouse and mother of God! I am Darkness veiled in Light! I am Light veiled in Darkness! I am the Ocean and the Moon! I am the Great on of the Night of Time.

Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee. From my womb camest thou forth from the sleep of the ages art thou come.

Thou art the living basis of my will.

Appear in power: Obey the living breath

(~"And Elohim etc and breathe as before).

Come unto me Tzaphquiel etc.


I am Tzaphquiel the leader of God's host: of them who do his will.

Mine is the purple star: the manly crest!

Mine is the flaming warrior brow!

Mine is the blood-red armour! Mine the Virgin limbs!

Mine is the golden spiritual hair! The flashing wings of gold!

Mine is the Sword and Balances: the active form, the seemly frame!

Thou art mine image, thou art the creature of my power: in thee I seal my strength and life.

("And Elohim..." etc etc)

Appear in power; Obey the living breath!

Come unto me, Aralim, Aralim! (etc

I am the host of angels that obey God's will: whose acts are manifest.

I am the myriad flame-crowned legion of light!

Thou art the sphere wherein the purpose worketh! Thou art the symbol chosen! Thou art fashioned to act visibly in matter! Thou art given life and power: life beautiful, power irresistible!

(~"And Elohim..." etc etc)

Sigil to Pillars. Make sign of Horus from E(ast)

The Talisman should flash: otherwise repeat last conjuration T. of E. and recharge. If no light after thrice repeating, let prayer be put up unto the Great Gods of Heaven: as hereafter set down and showed forth: and that without equivocation or obscurity of language).


_Ye Prayer_

O Lord of the Universe, -Amen!

Thy great Name do I dare to invoke, and beseech Thine aid in this my pitiable trait. For I am come forth, crowned and robed, as it were some mighty One, and lo! I can do nothing! The forces of Nature are in Thy hands, Oh Lord, and Thy Will they must obey! Therefore, O God of Heaven and Earth and Hell! Of all the Stars and Suns, the Wanderers and the Abiders! Lord of the Universe! Thou self from Nothing! O God who hast formulated His Father and made fertile His Mother! Thee, I invoke! Let Thy great Fiat answer me, that all my labour be not altogether lost! What is my labour? What am I in Thy Sight, but the lowest and the meanest of Thy Creatures? Yet do I aspire to Thy White Brilliance, thine inseparable Crown! Therefore, because Thy Law is perfect and Thy Will direct: make my words true, and my Will executed in this hour! And for myself I pray one prayer O God, be merciful to me a sinner, and keep me ever in the way of truth. Amen! Amen! Amen! Dwell Thou in me and bring me to that Self which is in Thee, Amen!


On the Flashing of the Talisman, the Cord is removed and Water and Fire consecrations duly done.



At full length, rehearsing all the names and formulating the commands. Veil in White, within Black. License _others_ to go.


Note by typist. The following are tracings of sygils pencilled by A.C. opposite to the text, which is written on one side of the page only.


AMA [ ]

JHVH [ ]


TzAPhQuIEL [ ]