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Port Aransas, Texas, Where They Bite Every Day!An In-depth and Comprehensive Historical Study on Port Aransas and the Texas Coast.

An In-depth and Comprehensive Historical Study on Port Aransas and the Texas Coast.

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The above article in all parts (1-4 ) have since been picked up, edited and featured in

Wikipedi online dictionary.

Had I known they intended to use it, I would have done a much more thorough task on spelling and grammar, my apologizes to all those offended by such a sloppy job. The following of course has not been used. "Thank the Lord"

Sunrise in PA


The Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce.

The South Jetty Newspaper.

The City of Port Aransas (Offical Page and Links).

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas.

The Local Weather and Forecast for Port Aransas.

The Port Aransas Independent School District.

The Mustang Island State Park on the Beach.

The Port Aransas Computer Club

The Port Aransas Boatmen, Inc. and the Deep Sea Roundup

The Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK)

The Port Aransas Tide Chart.

The Port Aransas Community Theatre's Tenth Annual Texas Sand Sculpture Festival (Texas "SandFest")

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Fishing Report for Port Aransas.

The Corpus Christi Caller Times Regional Fishing Report.

The Port Aransas Horace Caldwell Pier Web-Cam!

To Keep Texas Beaches Open And As They Are, We Need Your Help! Please Visit This Site And Do At Least One Thing, One Email or Letter! A Phone Call, Something.

Bernie's Beach House!

The Back Porch



Welcome to the Port Aransas "Locals" Page!

I would like to thank everyone that has sent me clips and info on the Island. . . BUT please if the work is someone else's, please inform me of such, so I can give credit where credit is due.

What Is New To Port Aransas And The Local Concerns .

4/8/07 Spring Break has come and gone, there wasn't as much trouble on the beach as in the past, and it's a freakin cold Easter! They have stopped scraping the beach in a lot of places, so the dune lines isnt marching toward the gulf as much, BUT be sure, the guest and owners of new golf course and sub-division aren't going to like you driving in front of their property. We watch.

10/19/06 TAX RELIEF . . . . come on folks, I don't even own a home on the island and I can see Port Aransas is getting a raw deal. Also, what happen to the price of housing going down once Packery Channel opened up? Flounder and Bull Reds are making their run with this cold snap.

8/13/06 More then ONE person is watching the old beach pole markers in the dunes next to the New Port development, and we don't expect it to be long before they start crying for "No beach driving" . . . this isn't Corpus Christi or Galveston Island. . . and it isn't going to happen here, we are ready and waiting.

6/4/06 To much the dismay of the "Upper Class" Mr. Brown is now to be addressed as Mayor Brown or Mr. Mayor by making a shocking comeback from last election to win over the same opponent, Mayor Neblit "spl?". There are rumors already that Mrs. Neblit will run again for yet another showdown come next election. One thing is sure, Port Aransas Politics sure can be fun!

6/4/06 One thing is for certain, if Mayor Brown doesn't live up to his campaign promises, like the streets, drainage and infrastructure of the city he'll be replaced no matter who runs against him. Only time will tell.

4/3/06 Well spring break came and went without to much trouble, atleast not trouble like last year or years past. All Seemed to go pretty well.

2/15/06 The Blacktips are starting their running in the surf! Rememeber only ONE a day people.
Part - 1 Part - 2 Part - 3 Part - 4 Gallery

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