Cindi Burkey

Offers considered over $500


"Tree Mosaic" was created using a combination of stained art glass tiles, and new and vintage floral pieces cut from china. Measurements: about 24" x 24"; 1/2" deep, edges are covered in pale sea-green art glass. Some of the pale green tiles are iridescent, which doesn't really show in the photos, but the effect is very pretty.

The vintage china and pottery includes rare Eggplant Franciscan El Patio china, manufactured in California and legendary for its luscious glaze and rich hues. (These appear black in the photos....couldn't manage to capture the subtlety of the deep purple color.) There are floral accents from vintage Merit chintz china made in Occupied Japan (very difficult to find). Royal Albert is the maker of the blue roses edged in 22 karat gold. The light green filigree tile came from a vintage Paragon (made in England) china plate; the shabby/chic old-world roses with orange accents came from a plate made by Leigh Ware in Ohio in the 1940's. Erphila pottery from Czechoslovakia was also included; there are pieces by Ridgeway, and Adderley as well (English bone china). The materials used in this piece were collected over several years at considerable expense. ;) A labor of love, driven by a bit of obsession. The grout color is a light blue-grey. The mosaic has been sealed for protection from water and sun, but the best venue would be indoors, as it is built upon plywood. The back is equipped with a sturdy hanging wire and a balance so it will lie flat against the wall.

Please feel welcome to set up an appointment to see it, serious buyers only, please. If you would like to support the work of an aspiring mosaic artist, this is an opportunity for patronage. I would be open to commissioning pieces, and I have a large collection of vintage and rare china. I sell hand-cut floral and chintz china tiles for mosaic, on Ebay, under the seller name, Xinsi. Photos of other mosaics-in-progress can be found via Ebay. Inquiries also welcome at