How Media Treated Biggest LA Radio Story of 2006 

(August 21, 2006) The reaction to KZLA dropping the only Country format in Los Angeles has been swift. It all started last Thursday, around 10:15 a.m. (detailed in the following story with Shawn Parr).  Soon afterward, a bulletin was sent to all subscribers.

How the media treated this story? It’s clearly the most important radio story in L.A. in this 8-month old year, interesting from a number of perspectives.  

The response seemed muted at first. In Friday’s LA Times, the headline read “KZLA is dumping its country music format” and the story appeared on Page 28 of the Calendar section. Page 28! The story content was equally split between news of the demise of the Country format and Rick Dees anchoring the new “Movin’ 93.9” format – in fact, the Times featured a photo of Dees. 

On Saturday, the Times ran a Calendar front-page review of the Friday night Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert. “Thursday was quite a day for Los Angeles-area Country music fans,” wrote Richard Cromelin in the Times. “In the morning, the city lost its only country radio station when KZLA abruptly changed its format to r&b.”

By Sunday it seemed apparent that the editors at the Times realized the magnitude of this story. Times staff writers Charles Durigg and Geoff Bourcher wrote a front-page (not Calendar, but front page of the main section) story entitled “The Reason KZLA Up and Left for Another Fan.” The account revealed that the reason the format change was made was because of the transforming demographics of the market. “Because of their size and loyalty, minority audiences are becoming more coveted by radio companies than white listeners – at least in ethnically diverse metropolitan areas,” wrote the authors. 

AP also wrote a story that emphasized the departure of KZLA left Los Angeles void of a Country music radio station, joining New York and San Francisco as other major markets without a Country outlet. The story was picked up by newspapers in Seattle, San Francisco, and the New York Times. 

The Los Angeles Daily News had nothing on the Country format leaving the market until they presented an AP story on their front page on Saturday. News of Rick Dees joining the Emmis station was not mentioned until the 11th paragraph.

The editors at the Orange County Register ignored the KZLA story until Sunday. 

Daily Variety saw the story as Rick Dees being the lead and on Friday featured it above the fold on the front page. Byliner Michael Schneider speculated that the move by Emmis to a Rhythmic Hot AC would directly affect KBIG and KHHT (HOT 92 Jamz) in the ratings. 

Anyone Else for Country? A number of LARadio broadcast execs were asked if they think there is any station that might pick up the Country format. One exec saw KYSR as the only candidate, but in reality didn’t think that STAR 98.7 would flip after introducing a re-engineered Alternative format and a new pd from Denver. But opportunities come along and strategy needs to be re-evaluated all the time. 

Another exec thought that Saul Levine’s KKGO Pop Standards format would be a possibility to take on the Country mantle. Saul, on holiday in the Baltic near Germany, emailed to say that he doesn’t think anyone will pick it up. “KZLA is reported to take in $25-27 million last year. Would I love to take in 25 million or even 12.5 million? I don't even take in eight million with my super power 105.1, but I don't know anyone else who would do what I do because money doesn't mean a darn thing to me when it comes to serving the public.”  

On-Air Farewell. Shawn Parr went on the air for his Thursday midday shift at Country KZLA at 10 a.m. Little did he know it would be last. On Friday, Shawn recapped what happened as he appeared on the Scott & Tommy Boy morning show at the Inland Empire’s Country station KFRG (K-FROG): “I went into the first couple of songs and my boss, RJ Curtis, came in and he looked at me and said, ‘how’s it going?’ I knew something was wrong.” 

Shawn then asked his boss if something was wrong. “He was so shaken because he had just found out himself. He said, ‘In five minutes this format as you know it in Los Angeles radio will cease to exist. I want you to play one more song and I just want you to honor that and just do what you’re told.’ I wasn’t allowed back on the air. I actually segued one of those personal things that said, ‘Shawn Parr, KZLA’ and played Tonight I want to Cry by Keith Urban. I couldn’t go back on the air. They wouldn’t allow me to say goodbye. They wouldn’t allow me to say anything. They asked me to honor that as a professional.” 

Parr was very thankful for the opportunity to say goodbye on K-FROG. Many Country listeners living in the Inland Empire and work in L.A., switched between the two stations. “Thanks for allowing me to come on and to give our listeners a chance for a little closure. The hardest part for me is what happened to our listener. It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I couldn’t sleep last night. I had 2,100 emails in the first four hours. I just stared at the screen. The first email from a lady who said, ‘Does this mean we don’t get to see you anymore?’ That hit home. The listeners deserved better, but you’re never allowed to say goodbye to the listeners. When it’s time for the job to move on, rarely do they allow the jock to come on and say goodbye.” 

Shawn (who worked at KFRG in the early 1990s) ended his comments by proudly passing the Country music baton to K-FROG. Shawn told his buddies Scott and Tommy, “You guys do a great job in the Inland Empire, Orange County and parts of L.A.” 

KZLA Afternooner. Whitney Allen, afternoons at KZLA until Thursday, said that she has been receiving emails at the rate of 5-10 a minute. "I have tried to answer every one of them.  Which is fine, as obsessing on that slows me down on obsessing on the rest of the situation, which goes far beyond me losing my job," emailed Whitney.

Whitney was filling in for Blair Garner on the syndicated After Midnite when she signed off the last Country station in New York quite a few years ago. "I was certain that someone would grab the Country music banner and run with it in the Big Apple before long. Well, a lot of people are still waiting. I hope and pray that Los Angeles does no suffer the same plight."

Whitney continued: "The passion of these now mostly station-less listeners is OVERWHELMING. It is something that makes me sadder and more frustrated than I could ever have though possible. After all, as we hear over and over again, and even say to ourselves, 'it's only radio.' We sometimes forget, and we should not, the difference we can make in someone's day, or dare I say life. In my two plus years at KZLA I have felt embraced by these Country music listeners more than I have felt in any of my other 25 plus years in radio."

"The caliber of people I got to work with, the talent of the artists I got to play on the radio, the KZLA concerts that I was a part of...the things I learned - unsurpassed in my career," said Whitney. "I loved working for Emmis. I have never worked with such a great group of people as I have at KZLA. If I start naming names, I will leave someone out. But quickly, RJ Curtis  tried to hire me for YEARS before I took the job. I am so thankful he was so persistent." 

Whitney didn't start writing to to reminisce about the great times she had at KZLA. "I started writing in the hopes that someone will recognize the passion that is in the hearts and souls of these country music listeners. After Hurricane Katrina, KZLA asked listeners to fill a truck to take to the Gulf States, and what did they do? They filled a PARKING LOT. It was the first time in a long time that the generosity and compassion of listeners made me weep. They deserve a place to call Home." 

Whitney hosts 'The Big Time Saturday Night.' Details at


  • “When I first got my boob job I would bang into door jams. I forgot all perspective on dimension.” (Sam Phillips, KLSX, co-hosting with Tim Conway, Jr.)

  • "The Rob Marinko Story told in two simple sentences." (Doug McIntyre, KOST)

  • "I don't want to piss off Clear Channel - they own a lot of radio stations. It's kinda like pissing off Darth Vader." (Mancow, KLAC)

  • "One of my sources in the UK thought they would have waited until they got over U.S. air space before blowing up the planes because the United States is the great Satan." (Captain Dale Dye, KFI)

  • "Why does a golf ball have indentations? Aerodynamics of the ball and how it moves through the wind." (Mr. KABC, KABC, on one of his three quiz questions)

Hear Ache. KFI’s Dr. Laura Schlessinger will appear on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country tonight. The subject is ‘Dueling TV News/Talk Shows and Hosts.’ … Fern Jones, Anita Garner's mother, will be heard tonight on Showtime's Weeds. Her song, Strange Things Happening, was recorded in the 1950's and re-released recently … Target demo for the new Movin 93.9 format is Women 25-54 … Over the weekend at KLSX, Gretchen Massey and Mike Lucas wondered how hard do you have to work for sex and is it being withheld from you? 

New Day at KDAY. Al Fuentes has been promoted to vp of programming at KDAY/KDAI and KWIE. Robert Scorpio (l), former pd at KKBT, has been hired on as a consultant for the three Magic stations. “I feel Roy Laughlin, Steve Hegwood and the fine staff at KDAY have a great plan and I know together we will be able to make a real difference in KDAY's numbers. I look forward to working with Steve Harvey again because he is proven ratings winner and understands what it takes to impact a market. This is a great opportunity for my consulting company and look forward to the challenge!!”

LARP Rewind: August 21 

1921 - William "Count" Basie (One O'Clock Jump, April In Paris) born in Red Bank, NJ.
1938 - Kenny Rogers born in Houston; Lady was the biggest of his 11 top-ten pop hits.
1939 - Harold Reid, bass singer in the Statler Brothers, born in Staunton, VA.
1944 - Jackie DeShannon (What The World Needs Now Is Love) born in Hazel, KY.
1958 - University of Texas in Austin puts KUT on the air with 4100 watts at 90.7 fm.
1968 - Radio Prague announces a Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia.
1972 - A fight breaks out at a Jefferson Airplane concert in Akron after Grace Slick calls policemen "pigs" and one of them sprays her with mace; Jack Casady is arrested.
1976 - RCA Victor announces that Elvis Presley has sold 400,000,000 records.
1980 - Linda Ronstadt debuts on Broadway in The Pirates Of Penznce.
1999 - Tori Amos tapes a live concert for broadcast on 99X, WNNX in Atlanta. 

Chart Chat: The Beach Boys' Surfer Girl was number one on the KFWB Fabulous Forty on this day in 1963. Allan Sherman's Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh was at #2 after climbing from 37 to 3 the previous week. The Ran-Dells, a New Jersey trio, moved from 10 to 5 with Martian Hop. Yvonne Carroll jumped from 29 to 13 with Gee What A Guy, which would fail to chart nationally. Highest debut was Al Martino's Painted Tainted Rose at #22. 

Dees Hosting Hall of Fame. Rick Dees will host the 2006 National Radio Hall of Fame broadcast from Chicago on Saturday, November 4. Veteran Westwood One late-night talk host Jim Bohannon returns as announcer for the one-hour radio special. 

Tunathon Dances. KBIG hosted a special formal dance for approximately 75 Childrens Hospital Los Angeles patients and their families last Friday. Dubbed “Charlie Tuna’s Under The Sea Dance,” the event celebrated the successful conclusion of the 3rd Annual KBIG “Charlie TUNATHON” fundraiser benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the Children’s Miracle Network. Mayor Antonio Villagaroisa joined Tuna Friday afternoon and encouraged support for the Tunathon. They’ll announce how much money was raised Monday at 8:10 a.m. 

Funnie. Question for PETA: If you are not supposed to eat animals, why do they make them out of meat? (Mark & Kim, KOST, Joke of the Day)

Happy Birthday: Ginger Chan, Eric Chase, Chrissy Hamilton, and Bud Wilkinson

LARPs: During your radio journey, have you ever experienced discrimination? 

Christina Kelley (KRTH): There have been a lot of things and I’m trying to forget them all. Just two weeks ago in Long Beach I saw an Open House very quickly turn into a Closed House as I approached the front door. Fortunately there are more good people than bad people. Here’s the one that I remember the most.

I was doing middays in New Orleans at WNOE in the late ‘80s, Mardi Gras was coming up, and I mentioned on the air that I’d always wanted to ride a horse in a parade and was both happy for and jealous of the local riders who’d be in all of the parades around town. A few days later a listener called and said that her equestrian team had extra horses and I could ride with them! All I had to do was drive out to their stables and ride one of the horses so they could make sure that I was a competent rider. Piece of cake since I’ve been riding horses since I was about 10 years old and being in the saddle is one of the most comfortable places I can think of.

So I drove out there, met everyone and rode around an indoor ring on the property. The horse was a beautiful, flashy paint Quarter horse and they had me lope and post a trot and do some other maneuvers to show them that I was a good rider. After a while they told me that I was in! You can imagine how happy I was. Not only was I finally going to ride in a parade, I was going to ride in costume in a Mardi Gras parade!

So you can imagine my disappointment when I never heard from them again. The double ouch happened when I was assigned by the station to do call-in's from that parade and watched them ride by while they pretended not to know me.

Later I learned that Black people were not allowed to be marching members of any Mardi Gras parade other than Zulu until the 90s when Harry Connick Jr. created a mixed race crew and fought to get the rules changed for his group. So even if the people I met wanted me to join them, and I think they did, they wouldn't have been able to ride with me in their group, and may have been thrown out of the crew just for trying. How screwy is that? 

Email Monday 

We GET Email… 

** KZLA Out of Its Misery
“Props to Emmis for FINALLY picking up the shotgun and putting KZLA out of its misery. As far as I'm concerned we haven't had a TRUE Country station for years. KLAC was the last great example! I LOVE Country music, but REAL Country music. The trouble with Country radio today is like everything else trying to appeal to a younger audience which is fine BUT there are those of us who still want to hear Waylon Jennings, Barbara Mandrell, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Statler Brothers, Conway Twitty, Bellamy Brothers. I could go on forever mixed in with the new Country music has got so far away from its roots with what's out today. Probably one of the most offensive songs out now is Rascal Flatts Me & My Gang. It's a combination of a bad Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way wah-wah guitar and the lyrics rapped. Uh-huh, that's Country, right!  

Thank God we still have greats like George Strait and Alan Jackson on the airwaves. As the other reader stated maybe someone will bring Country radio back to L.A. and DO IT RIGHT!

Another station along with KFRG and KHAY that people can hear is KUZZ-AM [550] out of Bakersfield which is a simulcast of Buck Owens top rated station KUZZ/fm. I don't know about the greater LA and Orange County areas but it comes in pretty well here in Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley.

Also congrats to Rick Dees. Great to have you back in the morning man, and whip the %&$# out of Ryan Seacrest in the ratings!!” - Bob Allen  

** KZLA Gets Hit By a Bus
“While I'm not happy about the decision regarding Emmis' format flip, I get it. What I don't get is Emmis' decision to simply spring it on staffers and listeners alike.

I'd really like to know why it was done without regard for staffers or listeners. I was in New York when then-country WYNY signed off and as listeners, we had warning and could ‘say goodbye,’ so-to-speak.

Thursday, it was like KZLA got hit by a bus and was dead. I'm not sure why Emmis' felt the need to handle the format change this way.

For those who follow Country radio, let's welcome US99.5 Chicago as America's new #1 Country Station. There is no Country in NY, LA or SF now.” - Jay Rubin, Toluca Terrace  

** Wife Bummed
“My wife is bummed about KZLA. My wife just digs Country. Lot of chicks/mommies seem to. Nothing against Rick Dees. Just bummed about losing Country.” Joe Crummey 

** Bottom Line Ratings
“I now know radio has gone to hell in a hand basket. Emmis has sold out for more Hip-Hop and dance like we need more of that. That’s what KIIS/fm and KBIG’s Boogie Nights are for. What about us country fans? Don’t we matter? KZLA was and is the only Country radio station in L.A that the fans could listen to. It was a station all its own that didn’t go Dance and Hip-Hop until now. 

Radio and its owners don’t care about their listeners because they don’t ask what we like. All they care about is big bottom dollar ratings and if you’re not # 1 or # 2 you’re nothing in this business of big sharks in little ponds. 

Well at least Rick Dees is coming back and he can kick Ryan Seacreast’s butt in the morning drive one can only hope “ - Traci Mecca, Mission Viejo 

** Reason for Research
“Reading your story on KZLA during my lunch hour made me lose my lunch. Their reasoning for taking away the Country Music format was what Country folk call, B.S. When Val Maki says ‘we did extensive research on a broad scale,’ she should have said ‘We don't like Country music, and we wanted another station to sound like KISS/fm, so we can hire a big name like Rick Dees to sell advertisement and make big bucks for our company, so screw you Country music fans.’ 

Credibility and integrity is big in this world, and Emmis doesn't know the meaning of them. To tell a person one hour before the music format change that he is losing his job, is anything but credible. If it is business, well I hope Movin 93.9 falls on deaf ears, because Karma comes back to bite you in the butt. This move wasn't made for the listeners. That is the thing about KZLA, ‘America's best Country Music Station,’ everything they did was for their listeners. They played real music. They had great disc jockeys that kept you entertained from your morning drive to work, until it was time to go to sleep with KZLA on the radio. For the last 15 years, if people asked me what station is the best for country music, I would have told you KZLA. For all I know, MOVIN 93.9 can go to hell, the last thing LA needed was another station to play the same stupid  trashy music. They are going to call it Rhythmic Hot AC 93.9, no matter what you call it, they should call themselves KISS/fm, STAR, Power 106, the BEAT, HOT Jamz 92, JACK/fm, and every other watered down Pop station. If you think hiring a has-been like Rick Dees gives you instant credibility, all it gives you tired, old and boring radio. I can only see who Rick Dees is going to gather for his all-star crew, probably people from the 60's, the last time he was popular.  

I would like to thank RJ Curtis, Peter Tilden, Ashley Paige, Shawn Parr, Whitney Allen, Brian Douglas, Paul Freeman and all at KZLA for giving me 15 years of great country music in my life. You will be missed.  

Please come together and find a way to get you back on the air here in LA. And Emmis, Val and Movin' I hope your radio station run lasts as long as the debut of Glitter and Jersey Girl because not only do you have has-beens, but your music choice is filled with has-beens.” - Jorge Medina, Huntington Beach

** K-Tel Country
“If K-FROG had been audible in more of L.A. this would've happened years ago. They were always better than KZLA, music-wise - I think that was one reason Infinity/CBS bought 'em. Wish there were a K-TEL Country Classics format!” Boyd Britton/Doc on the ROQ 

** Sickened by Country Drop
“I couldn't believe my ears last Thursday when KZLA the ONLY Country radio in Los Angeles was yanked off the air a surprise to all including the program director, which makes the definition of program director somewhat less than the one who directs programming eh? 

I am just sickened by the ‘Sheep’ mentality of today’s programming executives. Not a damn original thought in the lot of them. If talent shows get good ratings [American Idol] the audience now is flooded with copy-cat shows because, well gee, I guess if that one worked so will our feeble copy. But for God's sake don't try to innovate, just follow and do whatever worked for ‘them.’ It is a crying shame that not only is L.A. without a major football team but now there is no true American Country Music to be heard. KZLA was a major player in the Country scene with very talented personalities and a great presentation. Now we get another Dance type format that copies what seems to be popular at present.  

Rick Dees is a major talent and I wish him the best in the days ahead but it does not mean the idiot decision to ‘follow' whatever may be working at the moment is good radio. To me, good radio provides an outlet to satisfy the complex makeup of a major market like ours, but when chasing the quick buck to advance your position in the corporation is the motivator, the collective radio audience suffers and don't tell me that with the great cume KZLA had you could not find a way to profit from that. But I guess the profit wasn't enough for you so let's just screw the Country listeners for a few bucks more profit. Disgusting! I really hope some one will fill this much need gap in this major Country market so we can have a radio station that offers a different presentation than the next position on the dial. Someone, please give us back our Country!” – Damion 

** The Return of Rick Dees
“I'm really happy that Rick Dees is returning to the L.A. airwaves for two very different reasons. First, it'll be interesting to see Rick Dees and his replacement at KIIS, Ryan Seacrest, go head to head in morning drive time. I remember all the hoopla when Rick Dees said his farewell and Ryan Seacrest transitioned into one of the most coveted slots in all of radio.  

Will Rick's fans demonstrate undying loyalty and flock to 93.9? Is it too late for that? Has Ryan won over the Dees diehards? What about the ladies who listen to KBIG? They were once teenagers who loved Rick Dees, but have grown up, had teenagers of their own and 
are now in their mini-vans, braving rush hour traffic with the assistance of Charlie Tuna. As someone who spent a little time working in L.A. radio and loving it, I'm interested in learning the answer to these questions.   

But my second reason for watching and listening to the return of Rick Dees is just as intriguing. Will the new Rick Dees morning show on Movin' 93.9 feature a new Rick Dees or the old Rick Dees? Will he freshen up his act? Has he evolved into an even better, new and improved version of Rick Dees or will he and his handlers insist that he do things exactly the way he used to for all those years at KIIS, trying to prove the point that he didn't need to modernize this show and that he could've appealed to the kids the way Ryan Seacrest allegedly does? There are legions of L.A. radio mavens who believe, as I do, that Rick Dees bears some of the responsibility for losing the gig at KIIS. Conventional wisdom points to the fact that he refused to change with the times and freshen up his approach. I know for a fact that KIIS was hoping he would incorporate some new gimmicks and benchmarks and let the older ones fade away gracefully. And will Rick Dees show up at 93.9 with the usual suspects who guided him through mornings at KIIS? Paul Joseph as exec producer? The same writers and producers? The more I think about it, the more I can't wait to hear for myself. I want to wish Rick Dees the best of luck. He's a living legend. Rick Cummings, Val Maki and Jimmy Steal are three of the best, most supportive, most creative and most experienced people in the entire radio industry. With their backing, Rick Dees has a chance to turn L.A. radio around and wind up on top.” - Jeff Schimmel, Calabasas 

** Dees Back Where He Belongs
Rick Dees
in the morning - tell me what time it is, tell me what the weather is. Oh yes, babee, back where he belongs!! The number one host playing number one hits. How long before 93.9 is movin' into the top slot?! This change makes so much sense for L.A. -Dawna Kaufmann 

** KIIS’ Shining Moment
“I was part of what Nancy Plum called that ‘shining moment’ at KIIS/fm back in 1981. [Don's got the bad hair pictures of me to prove it!] And I got my start as a comedy writer on Rick Dees In The Morning, back when Gannett owned KIIS. Rick gave me my start as a comic playing ‘Chuy From La Puente’ on the morning show. Rick, plus Guy Zapolean, on a great signal - it's once again about to get REALLY interesting in the morning in Los Angeles and I can't wait.” - Danny Lemos, Operations Manager, 88.1 FM K-JAZZ

** Brother Bill on Dees
“Now, finally, and about time, Rick Dees is coming back! Rick Dees, the best in the business. And for all who has been saying mean and vicious things about him, hey, he forgives ya, cuz he loves ya. Now, take a back seat as Dees takes the wheel and shows you how morning drive should be done. Can't you feel the vibes already? MOVIN'.” - Brother Bill  

**Bravo Rick Dees!
“Great to have a return of a personality who not only ‘knows the room,’ but who also knows good material and how to use it. Rick Dees will do well, assuming the music is right.” - Chuck Southcott 

** Nomination for Burkey
“I can't tell you how cool it was to be nominated for the Ladies of LARP Calendar for 2007. I have never been nominated for anything in my life! Seriously, it really made my day, and it looks like I'm in the company of some really awesome women. And they're not all Barbie dolls. 

Someone wrote about not accepting a nomination and truly having a face for radio, but faces reflect so many things, experience, humor, thought; things that people who do radio kind of have to have.  There's just a lot more that's internal, and facial structure is only part of it. And then there's the Christy Brinkley standard of beauty. And then there's the fact that some people [myself for one] get so tense being photographed, that their faces do weird things and that's what the camera catches!!! 

Terri West is beautiful and she looks like she's a blast. Lisa Osborne looks like someone who has a comforting and sensual presence. I love that photo with Lisa Foxx and all those CD's. Sam Phillips looks like a goddess. Keri Tombazian is my absolute on-air idol, I have only in my life heard one deejay who inspired me more, and that was in Dallas, in the late 80's, on KZPS - Susan Edwards. She was my original inspiration - she just made you want to put your feet up and spend the evening with her, and her presence was such that everything became so much more magical just because of what she added, what her voice added.”  - Cindi Burkey 

** Color Radio
“This is regarding Art Holt’s email about Chuck Blore being the creator of KFWB/Color Radio. Please understand that Chuck Blore, to my knowledge, never claimed to ‘invent’ Color Radio. What he did was take Gordon McLendon's sound to the next logical step and crafted it in a new direction that made KFWB a personal radio station that played Top 40 with a touch of class and genuine personality.   

It was Chuck's innate perception of the unique Los Angeles audience needs that elevated KFWB to the top by re-inventing the McLendon format. Being THE dominant station that KFWB was is solely a tribute to Blore's fertile brain gymnastics. His contribution to our radio culture will forever be engraved in the earwax of L.A. And, my years working with Chuck during those KFWB times are etched forever in my personal ‘great’ files.” - Jim Hawthorne

If you have heard something on L.A. radio or read something in that you would like to sound off on, send your email to: Please include your name and the city where you live. Anonymous email will not be published.

BEST On-Air LARP of 2006






Tom Leykis

Doug McIntyre

Vin Scully

"Shotgun Tom" Kelly





Mark & Brian

Kevin & Bean


Best Off-Air LARP of 2006






Jack Silver

John Ivey

Bob Moore

Jhani Kaye

Rita Wilde




Greg Ashlock


Ladies of LARP
Calendar 2007 Nominees

1. Nancy Cole; 2. Powermouth Patty Lotz; 3. Lisa Osborn; 4. Gianna Suter

5. Summer James; 6. Suzanne Ansilio; 7. Joni Caryl; 8. Kaci Christian

9. Sam Phillips; 10. Ginger Chan; 11. Diana Steele; 12. Karen Kay

13. Angel Martinez; 14. Marina Wilson; 15. Keri Tombazian; 16 Suzy Tavares

17. Maggie McKay; 18. Gloria Allred; 19. Ashley Paige; 20. Sylvia Aimerito

    21. Terri West; 22. Andi Lauren Barness; 23. Christine DeGennaro; 24. Lisa Foxx

25. Shaune McNamara; 26. Whitney Allen; 27. Cindi Burkey; 28. Talaya Trigueros

            29. Lara Scott; 30. Stella Schwartz

4 Years Ago Today

Irv Kaze – “He Loved the People” 

(August 21, 2002) If you stumbled into the Turf Club at Hollywood Park Sunday morning by mistake, there would have been no mistaking the thread that ran through the 330 friends, family and colleagues of Irv Kaze gathered for his memorial celebration – EVERYBODY loved him. 

Irv was a sports executive (he worked PR for Al Davis and George Steinbrenner), sports commissioner (Continental Basketball League), sportswriter and talk show host (KIEV/KRLA). He won Best Sports Talk Show Host an unprecedented six times from the Southern California Sports Broadcasters. Irv died July 29, 2002, at the age of 75. To honor his contribution to sports broadcasting, the Board of Directors of the SCSB unanimously voted to name the Talk Show Host category of its annual awards program the 'Irv Kaze Memorial Talk Show Host Award.' The recognition was announced Sunday by the president of the group and emcee for the memorial service, Stu Nahan (r). The first “Irv Kaze Memorial Talk Show Host Award” will be presented at the association’s awards lunch in early February.
Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders, flew down from training camp to pay tribute to Irv. Irv was one of the first people Al hired for his football organization. He helped during the difficult days of the merger between the AFL and NFL. Al said that “Irv wore the colors of silver and black with pride.” Al talked about meeting Irv again in heaven. “He’s going to be waiting to greet us, but, I’ll tell you one thing, Irv, I’m not going up there without a fight. So don’t wait for me.” Tom Flores, former quarterback and coach of the Raiders, was in the audience.

One PR veteran observed that Irv wore two championship rings (Raiders and the Yankees) and that both owners were born on July 4.

Former KNX sportscaster Gil Stratton (l) reviewed Irv’s life. Gil met Irv over 50 years ago when he was the PR director for the Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League. Gil was umpiring there. “In the off season, I would ride my motorcycle to Gilmore Field outside Irv’s office, rev the engine, he would come out the back, jump on my bike, and we’d ride over to Farmer’s Market for lunch. Irv went on to the Pittsburgh Pirates and eventually he became the first PR official for the Los Angeles Angels. I think Irv’s worst job was his 10-years as commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association. He said he was so frustrated with the owners that they almost made him anti-Semitic.” Gil said Irv would never miss a major sporting event. “Over the years, I thought he was a big fan, but that wasn’t it. He loved the people. He would work the room or the press box like no one I ever saw. In no time, he had greeted everyone in sight. Big names, little names, no names.”

ESPN’s Hank Goldberg, a long-time friend of Irv’s said, “I don’t need to tell you that he was always there for you if you had any kind of a problem. You hear the ‘F’ word a lot. Irv had three ‘F’ words: family, faith, and friends. That’s what was important to him. He would have loved this crowd. He would have worked the room. He was one of the best  schmoozers ever!”

Spotted in the audience: Randy Kerdoon, Ralph Lawler, Brad Pye, Ed Arnold, Bob Graziano, Derrick Hall, Larry Stewart, Bill Dwyre, Steve Futterman, Bob Steiner, J.A. Adane, Mike Walden, Fred Claire, Lisa Guerrero and executive director of the SCBS Jerry Clark.

Al Downing Jerry Clark, Brad Pye Turf Club crowd

Gil Stratton’s conclusion is a fitting observation to the ceremony at Hollywood Park: “I think for all of his thousands of friends who will miss his warm greeting, he is the biggest winner this old track has ever seen.” 

5 Years Ago Today

LARPs Leap to Silver Screen

(August 21, 2001) Los Angeles Radio People are popping up all over the Southland in mega-plexes in big-budgeted movies this summer. KLSX’s Sam Rubin is featured in America’s Sweetheart. Mindy Burbano, frequent co-host fill-in at KBIG, has a significant role in Princess Diaries as the PE coach. KLOS’ Mark & Brian play two deejays during a beach party also in Princess Diaries. KABC’s Gloria Allred had a cameo role in Rat Race, released this past weekend. Gloria’s on-air partner Mark Taylor enthused, “Well-cast, funny bit.” Gloria added: “I heard my granddaughter was laughing so hard that my daughter was worried she would hurt herself." KFI’s Bill Handel had a different review of Rat Race. “Gloria plays a lawyer, in fact, plays herself. There are a couple of accident scenes where people get hurt and she runs to the accident and says, ‘I’m a lawyer, I’ll help you out.’ I have never seen anybody more wooden, more horrible, in my entire life in a film. You would think in a cameo role you could at least make it believable. I was astounded how horrible she was. A true embarrassment. You winched it was so god-awful,” said Bill. 

7 Years Ago Today

"I’m Done Playing ‘Jigga My Nigga’"

(August 21, 1999) "This is our last day at the Beat," John London told his KKBT House Party audience this morning shortly after 7. "We work for the largest radio company in the history of this planet. AMFM, which owns about 500 radio stations nationwide and they own a number of properties here in Los Angeles. The jewel, of course, is 92.3 the Beat and has been for quite some time and will probably be for quite some time. You’ve noticed changes at the Beat in other dayparts but I don’t want to get into that. There are definite changes going on. The Beat is tuning up for the new millenium. About a year and a half ago we purchased a property just up the street, Mega 100 Jammin’ Oldies, a format developed by this corporation. It is a very successful format and I went to the chief executive officer of our company, Jimmy DeCastro, the best radio operator in the country, and I said, ‘Jimmy, when it’s right, that’s a radio station that I can really relate to. It’s a station that I really want to move our show to because it’s more adult. It’s much of the same stuff we play here in an old school style. It’s something I would really like to do when it becomes appropriate and it’s something we’ve been working on. It’s come up from time to time. It wasn’t right for the Beat or right for Mega. Now it has come together perfectly and I’m proud to announce the House Party will be moving to Mega 100. Our first broadcast day is Monday, August 30." The entire House Party crew is expected to make the move.

In his announcement, John said, "If you like Jigga My Nigga, let me assure you that the Beat is the radio station for you. Let me underscore this as much as I can. I’m done playing Jigga My Nigga. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to make this move. It has nothing to do with the Beat. It has nothing to do with the incredibly supportive House Party audience over the years, but I have noticed a trend in hip-hop music. Maybe it’s just me. To my ears, it seems like it’s getting more and more ignorant. Some people are upset that I actually announce the song as a white guy. ‘John, you shouldn’t be saying nigga.’ Well, that’s the name of the song and I work in hip-hop. And I’m not going to not say the title because I’m white while black disc jockeys can say it? I’m tired of fighting that battle and the ignorant battle as well. So I’m looking forward to the change. For those who think I’m a racist, I’m going to be able to hide it better because I haven’t heard the word nigga in any of the songs at Mega. For those of you who do think I’m a racist, let me just say this, I’d rather be a racist than ignorant because at least there’s hope for a racist but there’s no cure for ignorance. It’s a lifetime disease," concluded John London. Over at "Mega 100" this morning, weekender Little Ricci was sitting in. No word on the fates of the current morning "Mega" team of Danny Romero, Irma Blanco and Monica Brooks.

For the last survey of the summer of 1999, I thought it might be fun to find out what radio stations Los Angeles Radio People set on their car radios. Over 300 LARP responded. It was fascinating to read the results. I automatically got a picture of the car by the number of different buttons. One car had 3 rows of 5 FM buttons and 1 row of 5 AM buttons. Most everyone has between 5 and 12 FM buttons, so we’re going to show 8 FM stations and 5 AM stations.

AM Radio Buttons on LARP Car Radios











FM Radio Butons on LARP Car Radios

















Now that Los Angeles Radio People living in Southern California have shared their pre-set car radio buttons, let’s find out what fans of L.A. radio listen to in their cars. If you live in L.A., email me the radio stations set on your car radio.

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If you are a Los Angeles Radio People who would like your birthday or death listed 
( )

August Birthdays:
Greaseman, 8/1/50
Lee Hamilton, 8/1
Kathy Kiernan, 8/1
Tom Leykis, 8/1
Steve Parker, 8/1/54
Chris Patyk, 8/1
Dave Forman (d), 8/2/51
Phil Hall, 8/2/57
Dennis Prager, 8/2
Jim Gott, 8/3/59
Beverly Hyken, 8/3/68
David Kort, 8/3/64
Duke Anderson, 8/4/25
Danny Michaels, 8/4
Mike Daniels, 8/4
Robin Banks, 8/5
Eric Roy, 8/5
Mark Larson, 8/6
Bryan Simmons, 8/6
Michelle Kube, 8/6/72
Dave Williams, 8/6
Doug Brown, 8/7
Charlie Cook, 8/7
Stan Freberg, 8/7
Andrew Howard (d), 8/7
Art Laboe, 8/7
Norm McBride, 8/7/49
Russ O'Hara, 8/7
Craig Wilabraham, 8/7
Hank Allison, 8/8/43
Jason Bowers, 8/8
"Shotgun Tom" Kelly, 8/8/49
Jere Laird, 8/8/33
Mike Lundy, 8/8
Carl Nelson, 8/8
Robin Quivers, 8/8/52
Chris Brodie, 8/9
Jim Liska, 8/9/51
Robert Roll, 8/9/54
Ron Casteel, 8/10/40
Mimi Chen-Spring, 8/10
Jim Curran, 8/10
Jack Danahy, 8/10
Chris Berry, 8/11/60
John Frost, 8/11
Farley Malorrus, 8/11/48
Gary Hollis, 8/12
Jerry Lee, 8/12
Billy Moore, 8/12/42
Charlie O'Donnell, 8/12
Wendi, 8/12/66
Steve Benoit, 8/13
Danny Bonaduce, 8/13/59
Kitty Felde, 8/13/54
Jacque Gonzales, 8/13
Jim "Mudcat" Grant, 8/13/35
Dave Joseph, 8/13
Mark Mendoza, 8/13/60
Damien Lewis, 8/14
Dusty Morgan, 8/14
Susan Olsen, 8/14
George Anderson, 8/15/45
Dave Beasing, 8/15
Beverly Gagliano, 8/15
Jim Lange, 8/15
Allin Slate, 8/15/20 (d)
Jim Trenton (Poorman), 8/15
Chuck Tyler, 8/15
Jackson King (d), 8/16/24
Howard Lucraft, 8/16
Boyd R. Britton, 8/17
Geoff Nathanson, 8/17/64
Brian Whitman, 8/17
Ken Beck, 8/18
Tammy Bruce, 8/19/62
Guy Davis, 8/19
Ralph Story, 8/19
Gene Thayer, 8/19/43
Frank Bresee, 8/20/30
Tom Clay (d), 8/20
Frances Halpern, 8/20
Sheena Metal, 8/20/67
Poorman, 8/20/62
Jeff Serr, 8/20
Ginger Chan, 821
Eric Chase, 8/21
Chrissy Hamilton, 8/21
Bud Wilkinson, 8/21
Lance Ballance, 8/22/67
Robert Gutierrez, 8/22
ODM, 8/22
Jesse Torrero, 8/23/60
Earl McDaniel, 8/24/28
Bill Handel, 8/25/51
John Leader, 8/25
Regis Philbin, 8/25/33
Kelly Cox, 8/26
Bruce Manning, 8/26
Jay Davis, 8/27/27
Dick McGarvin, 8/27
Luis Rivera, 8/27

"Big J" Rose, 8/27/65
Ann Beebe, 8/28
Johnny Chiang, 8/28/68
Roy Laughlin, 8/28
Million $ Milt, 8/28
Joel Bellman, 8/29/55
Sergio Coronado, 8/29/73
Ricci Filiar, 8/29/68
Jim DeBaun, 8/30/52
Rich "Cartter" Hulston, 8/30
Joe McDonnell, 8/30
Bobb Lynes, 8/30/35
Nancy Plum, 8/30
Jennifer York, 8/30
Tracy Austin, 8/31
Les Beigel, 8/31
Ron Fineman, 8/31/52
Slim Jim Melendez, 8/31
Les Perry, 8/31
Charlie Rodriguez, 8/31/54
Bill Schubert, 8/31/26
Freddy Snakeskin, 8/31
John Summers, 8/31/53
Greg Tantum, 8/31

(d) deceased

August Deaths:
Bill Mercer (Rosko), 8/1/2000 (72)
Joe Allison, 8/2/2002 (77)
Hunter Hancock, 8/2/2004 (88)
Bob Starr, 8/3/98 (65)
Billy Moore, 8/4/2005 (62)
Chick Hearn, 8/5/2002 (85)
Bob Purcell, 8/5/87 (75)
The Real Don Steele, 8/5/97 (61)
Gene Weed, 8/5/99 (64)
Buck Buchanan, 8/6/2005
Charles Morgan, 8/7/91 (78)
Sam Balter, 8/8/98 (88)
Maureen Reagan, 8/8/2001 (60)
Gary Clark, 8/12/2000 (61)
Art Kevin, 8/15/2002 (67)
Colin Sharp, 8/19/98 (65)
Bob Kanner, 8/20/2005 (65)
China Smith, 8/22/2005 (61)
Warren Kolodny
, 8/23/96
"Big John" Carter, 8/24/2005 (58)
Herb Humphries, 8/24/2003 (71)
Bud Tucker, 8/24/2005 (80)
Knox Manning, 8/26/80 (76)
David Cloud, 8/27/98 (60)
Larry McCormick, 8/27/2004 (71)
Dave Conley, 8/28 (mid-60s)
Dale Cordier, 8/28/2001 (49)
Richard Beebe, 8/29/98 (68)
Captain Max Schumacher, 8/30/66

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