we have so much, such a wonderful country, and we, the people of this country, are what makes it great. all of us, the rich, the poor, the newcomers, the landed gentry, the young lords of the ivy league, the tribal core at the heart of the white man's hierarchy of power....and then there are the young soldiers from outside the ruling class, who come from the country to join the ranks of fighting men who believe in their country, and believe in fighting. some believe their government is loyal to them, and not using them for an unrighteous agenda. maybe most.

one of them is my brother, who is searching for his heart in afghanistan's korengal valley of death, not having found it in the green hills of home. no one sent him there: he went. because he, like everyone else, wants to find the truth, wants to know the world, wants to stand for something, wants to make a difference. what he's learning, what he's seeing, is anyone's guess--he doesn't say much.

this recording was made

November 5, 2008

One day after the election of Barak Obama to the Presidency of the United States.

History has been made, and voices are ringing out across the land.

Words echo back and forth between people through all levels of the world, about what it all means.

People who agree tell each other they're right, and that the others are crazy.

I listen and think to myself that either Lou Dobbs is just an idiot---or perhaps it really is me, I am the crazy one. Because both of us can't be right. How can one version of reality be so different from another? Lou Dobbs & Friends: listening....drifting through a surreal world where they are laughing merrily, while you wonder dazedly what they think is so funny, when it seems to you that they live in a spooky, creepy, disconnected world. of tv image screens and sycophants and self-interest, of gimlet eyes and pompadours, luxury cars, paramours.




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