January 30, 2009

Miss Information

Monica Crowley Plagiarism

Link shows and documents pretty clearly that Crowley plagiarized an article by British writer Paul Johnson.

Why would someone who enjoys such success rip off someone else's work so blatantly? What kind of values are at work there?

Well, she's still succeeded, professionally, far beyond anything I've done. She no doubt makes plenty of money, has a posh pad somewhere in the city, and rubs elbows with Important People.

And I still wouldn't trade. No way. The blast of her voice coming from my car speakers is an intellectual vacuum, the opposite of ideas, the negative space in which our civic dialogue collapses upon itself in gales of mean-spirited laughter.

So why do I give it attention? Because it's scary. It's really, freaking, scary, to me. Because the power of syndicated radio is one of the things that drives policy.....and it's driven our country into a very dishonest and corrupt place. How the GOP gets away with presenting themselves as the "values" party is beyond me. But in the creepy world of Crowley, nothing makes sense or is what it seems.

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