January 25, 2009

Why I'm Divorcing My Family

It's taken many years to come to the conclusion that, as it is, my relationship with the group of people who make up the family I was born into, has to end.

There's no way to neatly sum everything up. It's too complex. I miss my nephew and my neice and think of them often. Maybe one day we'll meet again---but it would have to be in a universe completely different from the one where the people I know as "family" exist with each other. The effect these people have on me is too powerful to put in a box when I'm not around them---they can reach and push my buttons from thousands of miles away. Life is too short to be lived unhappily, and my buttons are too sensitive to go unprotected any longer.

I am blessed in this life I've found in California, far from the conservative, secretive midwest; honesty and candor is appreciated in this culture, to a far greater degree than it is back there. Overcoming difficulty and living honestly is a badge of honor here; happiness is valued here; this is home. Any and all are welcome in our home---as long as they are respectful and kind. That is the world I've sought, and found, in so many unexpected places---and will find in so many more.

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