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We drove down to Kota Tinggi to do a river tour and a firefly watch... Sebana Cove's firefly
watching trips are no longer operating because of Environmental Concerns.. however Kota
Tinggi's rivers are not protected but there are millions of fireflies there..

We paid RM 200.00 For a Day and Night river cruise.. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger

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Boat Rental place
Our Boatman


Thats the boat rental place, they rent out many boats for all sorts of usage , We hopped into the boat
and went down the river at an average speed of 7 Km/h According to the GPS


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Pied Hornbill
Poisonous Fruits



Soon we came across a large Pied Hornbill and poisonous fruits along the riverside.. There are many
plants and trees along the riverside and many landslides of cliffs into the river

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Temple by the river
WWII Pillbox

We came across this chinese temple and also a few WWII pillboxes built by the British.

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Red Tail Racer
Fresh Water Prawn

Then we came across this red tail racer on branches by the riverside. Very large Freshwater Prawns
are also present in the rivers.

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Baby Python
Close up

We had a baby python crawl onto one of the boats at night, unfortunately the boatman killed the
snake after the photos were taken for fear it will frighten away other clients who are eco ignorant.

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Large Sea Bass

As evident from the photo, out boatman shows off his catches of large Sea Bass. The place is teaming with
life but as people encroach into the area, pollution if not controlled will slowly destroy the place.



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Nasa Overview of Area

The Satellite overhead photo shows our boatride across town.. The red line shows the path of our
boat ride day and night. Singapore is toward the South (bottom of picture)

Boat: Launching point
Temple : Chinese Temple
BUxx : WWII Pillboxes
HornB: Hornbills
BR0: Bridges


The Fireflies


This is the variety that we sampled from the mangrove swamps.


Right Click , Save movie and play from disk !

Small movie window only 1 mb but
you need to go there to experience it, there are hundreds of thousands on both
sides of the river.

Watching Conditions: Cool Night, NO MOON NIGHT , 7.00PM to 10.00 PM