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These records were obtained from the Rootsweb USGenWeb archives. They are the bible entries of John Coxe of Marlboro Co., South Carolina. Click the link above to see the entry as recorded on the Rootsweb site.

New Testament

of our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Translated out of the original Greek

and with the former

Translations Diligently Compared and Revised


Cannes Marginal References

Stereotyped by James Conner, New-York

Published by J. Emory and B. Waugh for the Methodist Episcopal Church

at the conference office, 14 Crosby-Street

J. Collord, Printer


Anna Jane Sturgess was borned on Dec the 9th 1856.

- and departed Jan the 30th 1857.

(Infant daughter of John Alexander Sturgess and Elizabeth Coxe.)

Amanda Ellar was borned April the 8th 1858.

(Daughter of John Alexander Sturgess and Elizabeth Coxe.

Married to Josiah Grice. Buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.)

John W. Sturgis was born January 24th 1861.

(Son of John Alexander Sturgess and Elizabeth Coxe.)

Martha Ann Loyd was born Dec the 25th 1829.

(Daughter of Elizabeth (Hood) Loyd b.1805.)

John A. Thomas was borned Sept the 17th 1855.

James Hood Thomas was borned June the 19th 1857.

Susanah Jane Thomas was borned Aug the 8th 1867.

(The three children of Martha Ann Loyd and Philip Thomas. James Hood Thomas

and his wife are buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.)

Malachai Dunford was borned September 21 1845.

(Son of Margaret Coxe and John Dunford.)

Rebeccah Jane was borned September 18 1847.

(Listed following Malachai Dunford. Possibly a daughter of John Dunford and

Margaret Coxe, died infant. Not listed on 1850 census.)

John Coxe and Jane Proctor was maried Sept 23 1857.

(Second wife of John Coxe. His first wife was also named Jane (Miles).)

(The following are children of Elvin and Susan Coxe.)

Elizabeth Ellen Coxe borned Feb 2nd 1845.

Susannah Jane Coxe borned Oct 18th 1846.

Margaret Ann Rebecah Coxe was born Sept 19th 1848.

Eli H W Coxe was borned May the 1 1853.

(Henry William Coxe. Married Esther Thomas. Both buried Holy Road Cemetery,

Blenheim, SC.)

Mary Catherine Coxe was borned May the 13th 1855.

(Married to Malachai Harper. Both buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.)

John J E Coxe was borned May the 28th 1857.

Samuel Moses Coxe was borned March the 8th 1858.

Elvin Robert Coxe was borned June the 21st 1861.

(Married to Minnie Jackson. Both buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.)

Edwin Alexander Coxe was borned June the 24th 1867.

(Married to Carrie Mae Wise. She remarried Henry A. Sturgess, son of John

A. and Elizabeth (Coxe) Sturgess, following death of EA Coxe in 1912. All

are buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.)


John Coxe and Jane Miles was maried Oct 12th 1819.

(First wife of John Coxe.)

Elijah John departed this transitory life August the 4th 1834 in the 25th

year of his age.

(Son of Agnes John, daughter of John Miles. Brothers - Francis John and

Jesse John.)

Levi Sawyer and Rebecah Coxe was was maried January 27th 1856.

Mary Jane Sawyer was born January 6th 1857.

Susan Milly Sawyer was bornd January 5th 1859.

John Eli Sawyer was born April 9th 1861.

(Died 17 Apr 1869. Buried at Coxe Cemetery beside mother, Rebecca Coxe


Levi Sawyer was kild August the 30th 1862 at Manassas Plains in that great


(Verified through State Archive Compiled Confederate Service Records. Co G.,

23rd SCVI)

Jane Coxe departed this life October 28th 1833 in the thirty second year of

her age.

J(ane Miles, first wife of John Coxe.)

Margaret Dunford departed this life March 25th 1861 in the 41st year of her


John Coxe departed this life July the 9th 1868.

R E Coxe and Minnie Jackson was maried Dec the 1 1886.

R.E. and M.W. Coxes baby was borned September the 20 1887 and departed this

life September the 22 1887.

(Almina Coxe infant daughter of Robert Elvin Coxe and Minnie Jackson. Buried

at Brownsville Church Cemetery.)

John Coxe was bornd November 21st 1799.

(The following are children of John Coxe and Jane Miles.)

Margaret Coxe was bornd Nov 2nd 1820.

(Married to John Dunford (CSA) who died at Richmond 1862.)

Susannah Jane Coxe was borned Jany 13th 1822.

(Married to Elvin Coxe. Died 3 September 1894.)

Rebecca Ann Coxe was bornd Oct 18th 1824.

(Married to Levi Sawyer. Died 6 December 1901. Buried at Coxe Cemetery.)

Eli Emanuel Coxe was bornd May 22nd 1826.

John James Coxe was bornd April 14th 1828.

___ Elizabeth Coxe was bornd Feby 24th 1830.

(Married to John Alexander Sturgess.)

Henry William Coxe was bornd Oct 9th 1831.

(New evidence suggests that brothers John James Coxe and Henry William Coxe

moved to Alabama prior to 1850 census)


Rebecar ___ Coxe was borned Dec 7th 1795.

(Sister of John Coxe. Married to Thomas Miles. Buried at Kershaw SC.)

(The following are children of Rebecca Coxe and Thomas Miles.)

Thomas H Miles was borned June 25th 1819.

Rebecar Ann Miles was borned Aug 22d 1820.

Elizar Jane Miles was borned Dec 1st 1821

Agnes Irene Miles was borned Feb 7th 1823.

John _ Miles was borned April 13th 1824.

Robert _ Miles was borned Nov 14th 1825.

James E Miles was borned Mar 20th 1828.

Susannah J Miles was borned Oct 10th 1829.

Mary Ann ___ Miles was borned Mar 3rd 1832.

George W. Miles was borned Oct 29th 1833.

(Died 24 Mar 1901. Married to Emiline Allen. Both are buried at Brownsville

Church Cemetery.)

Sarah E Miles June 12th 1835.

Charles ___ Miles Nov 1 1838.

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