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Story of a Early Minnesota Modified

" Over the winter of '1969-'1970, Jay Coughlin and SJFast built this car for the local modified class. It was the first 4-bar car to run there. It was also the last. They dropped the class after the 1970 season."

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Captions follow each photo

"The late Russ Laursen, our hero then, suggested a 4-bar car with more engine set-back so SJ came up with this design."

"Frame welded and in primer. Ready to start."

"Block and in-out box in place to fabricate mounts."

"Jay built a plaster plug, took a fiberglass female mold from it, and then made his own body parts and seat."

"Fitting the hood and seat."

"Finishing up details...wiring, etc. Ray Rasmussen on the left, Jay Coughlin leaning over engine."

"First time outside...let's fire it up !"

" Jay says, O.K....push 'er off !"

"Ray and Jay adjusting timing and idle. Run's sharp."

"At Todd's sign shop getting prettied up."

"Almost all lettered."

"First Proctor Speedway on a cold, gloomy night."

"Looks to be pushing the front....let's add some stagger."

"She turned out kinda purty."

"I guess it was worth the effort."

That's Bud Carlson driving at the 1970 Mid-Canada Championships at Riverview Raceway in Thunder Bay Ontario. We set a new track record in qualifying. Got knocked off the pole by Barry Kettering. Started outside pole.

"Brian Skedgel Photo Thunder Bay, Ont."

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