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Mary (Nee Wolfe) McCarthy was born in 1846 in Kildee, County Cork, Ireland to John Wolfe and Mary Bateman. Her parents were married in parish of Kilmeen, County Cork in September 1835.

Mary's Maternal grandparents were John Bateman and Mary (Anna?) Eady who were married in Kildee, County Cork Ireland on February 19, 1810. They had four children, all born in Saroo, a townland just outside of Kildee, County Cork: Elizabeth born 12/19/1810; Susan born February 15, 1815; Mary born June 1817; and William born May 9, 1824.

My research indicates that John Wolfe and Mary Bateman parented six children: Jonathan in 1836; John in 1837; Elizabeth in 1839; Anna in 1841; Sarah in 1843 and Mary in 1846.

Mary migrated to America in 1870, a year after her husband Daniel McCarthy with her only child born in Ireland Elizabeth, and her two siblings Elizabeth and Anna who eventually settled in Danville, Columbia County. Elizabeth married a Thomas Verone and Anna married William Gaffney. Very little is known of what happened to Elizabeth and Anna after their marriages.

Whether Mary ever became a naturalized citizen of the United States is unknown, however her husband, Daniel became a citizen in 1874, also in Danville, so it is assumed that Daniel and Mary lived in Columbia County before finally settling in Girard Manor, Schuylkill County where they raised all eight of their children. Family rumor has it that Mary and Daniel actually had a total of 15 children, however census records indicates only eight. They had also lived in Sunbury Northumberland County, Catawissa and Mount Carmel Columbia County at one time, so it is possible the other children, if they indeed had more than eight, may have died at childbirth or shortly thereafter in other locations. If rumors are true it is apparent that the seven children who passed away were all boys because it is believed by some that they had 10 boys and five daughters originally born to them.