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Nicholas Whalen was born in Ireland in 1841. He and his sister Julia emigrated to New York in 1864, first settling in New York. His parents were Michael and Catherine, but little is known of where in Ireland they lived, etc.

Catherine Sullivan was born in Castleisland, County Kerry, Ireland on December 22, 1844 and emigrated to America in 1860. She had worked in a hotel in New York City on her arrival in America. She was later joined by A cousin Matthew and her brother Michael. Michael settled in Troy, New York and became a Grocery Store owner. Family rumors state he owned a Meat Market

Michael Sullivan and his wife Catherine (McEvoy), emigrated to America in 1882. They raised four children, Thomas born May 1887, Annie born September 1889, Mary born July 1891 and Catherine born October 1893.

Family stories relate that Michael and daughter visited Catherine in 1915. There are also rumors that TV personality, Ed Sullivan, also of Troy New York may have been related to Catherine but this cannot be verified.

Matthew, remained single and little is known of him.

Nicholas Whalen and Catherine Sullivan married in 1866 and moved to Reading Pennsylvania where Nicholas worked in the Cotton Mills in South Reading. They owned a home at 560 S. 11th St. and raised four children. William born December 1867; Mary Ann (Marie) born October 1875; Catherine born 1878; and Nicholas born May 1881.

William married his wife Theresa (Stock?) and had one child William who was adopted. William was a championship walker and a member of the Washington Fire Co.

Mary Ann married George Dillon on December 29, 1899 and purchased a home at 562 S. 11th St. Reading, next door to Mary Ann's parents. George had lived with the Whalen's as a boarder prior to his marriage to Mary Ann. They reared a total of ten children: Loretta born 1900; Marie born 1901; Helen born 1902; Anna born 1904; John born April 30, 1908; Gerald born September 25, 1909; Kathleen born 1911; Eleanor born March 7, 1917; Bernard born 1919 and Bernice born 1920. (For more information please reference Dillon link on this sight.)

Catherine Whalen never married and it is believed she moved to New York.

Nicholas married a woman named Botnik and left Reading never to be heard from again. They had three children George, James, and Catherine.