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Ferguson is Scottish name numerous in the Province of Ulster in the North of Ireland, with some families found in County Leitrim and County Mayo. Just where our Ferguson ancestors came from is unknown at this time, but is believed they came from County Mayo.

Research indicates that Gilbert Ferguson, born 1825 in Ireland, was the first Ferguson to immigrate to Northumberland County and eventually Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. He eventually brought the rest of his family over to join him. Unfortunately not much information is available as to his other siblings etc.

In 1852, Gilbert Ferguson married Bridget Murphy, born in 1828 and they immigrated to America along with their two sons, Patrick born 1854 and Anthony born 1856, in 1860 and settled in Mount Carmel, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. After arriving in America they had two more children Margaret Mary, born 1862 and Gilbert born1867. (based on the 1900 census, records indicate they had a total of six children, unfortunately only five names can be found. It is believed that Gilbert may have had a twin Thomas who was stillborn.

Gilbert Ferguson became a naturalized citizen on July 6, 1878 in Sunbury Northumberland County, Pa. His petition (#PA 557-64). Unfortunately, it appears he passed away shorly afterward, because Bridget married a James Weldon in 1869.

The census records for 1870 and 1880 indicate that Bridget and William Weldon were living in Mount Carmel Township with their children which included the Ferguson children. Records also indicate that Bridget Murphy Ferguson-Weldon passed away in 1911 and her second husband James Weldon in 1904.

It is believed that Patrick born 0m Ireland in 1854 and Anthony born in Ireland in 1856 both worked as coal miner's, but never married.

Margaret Ferguson born 1862, married Thomas McManaman in 1880 and settled in their home at 236 S. 7th St. Mount Carmel. They raised a total of eleven (11) children: Francis born Nov.18,1880 who married Mary Kane on Sept. 7, 1922; James born 1881; Bridget Theresa born June 16, 1884 who married William H. McCarthy on Nov. 26, 1901; Margaret Ann & Sarah, (possibly twins who were stillborn); Bernard born October 1888 who married Anna Kramer; Irene born July 1891 who married Michael Patrick Creamer on August 17, 1920; Joseph born March 1894; Loretta born July 1896 who married James Haley; Anthony born January 1888; and Mary who married William Wood in 1924. (Joseph and Anthony were killed during fighting in France in WWI).

Gilbert Ferguson Jr. born 1867 married his wife his wife Ellen Boylan on November 16,1898. They had three (3) children: Thomas born 1899; Martin born 1902 and Gilbert III born November 17, 1903.

Ellen Boylan-Ferguson passed away in 1908 and Gilbert married Anna (Murphy?) in 1910 but they had no children.

William James Weldon, the only child born to Bridget and James Weldon, was born February 27, 1877. He married Mary Anastasia McDonnell in 1898. They had three children: William born April 5, 1899 married Margaret Quirk on Nov. 3, 1920 ; Mary Margaret born February 6, 1908 married John Wydra in October 1931; and Ruth Elizabeth born June 12, 1912 married Charles Krapf in 1930

We are still seeking additional information and welcome any and all comments and leads!