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Favoured Spot to Maelkyth Loarne



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Well met!  For those who've found their way here, I am most pleased to offer you admittance.  This archive is a personal supplement pertaining to various works, skills, and crafts of Elanthian origin. 
For those who are terribly near-sighted I am Sylvan, I am empath, and I am male... I am NOT BAIT!  I have the great honour of being member to one of the finest Official Houses of Elanthia... The Beacon Hall Archives.  I once resided primarily in River's Rest, barring the occasional bouts of restlessness which led me to wander; only to find more satisfaction in my wandering.
**CURRENT NEWS**  Time moves on and change ensues.  I have since returned and am refreshed for some of the new faces and my own travels.  Railien has FINALLY regained the town Staff and is rumoured to walk among us again, but I haven’t seen him as of this writing.  Grandsome, however, did return briefly… and I’ve seen him… and he was kind enough to leave that black strapless number that I only WISH the museum would take.  It is a part of River’s Rest history (if only the undercurrent) – and I must treat it as such; but would YOU want to hold onto it?
Additionally, although having sworn off my lecherous ways since my return from exile, I was set upon and overcome by a priestess of considerable cunning.  It was a short-lived commitment to solitude, but I’m all the happier for it. 
So on this break of the new year, I would extend my well-wishing to all… except Dighn, who doesn’t believe in this stuff.

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~Maelkyth Loarne

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last updated: 3 January 2005

Note: many works here are duplicated, and not my original work.  I will make every attempt to credit authorship when able.  I may also make reference to others and their works based on my preferences.  If any do not wish to be referenced here, or desire correction, please let me know and I will accommodate you.  Please feel free to send me notes via runner pertaining to any matter contained herewithin.

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