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This is my favorite picture - our daughter Tina, Granddaughter Ashton, Me and my Mom Doris. Alz. D. runs in the maternal side of my family, my mother and I have both been diagnosed. This is the emphasis of my advocacy, as I am sure you will understand, that in living my inheritance I do not want it to continue as our familys legacy. We need a vaccine, we need a cure -- we have our bandaids (Aricept, Excelon, etc.)I look forward to our research moving ahead to that end.

I'm glad you found your way here.

The day to day of EOAD (Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease) is the emphasis on my home page.

My given name is Jan, I aquired the name 'Mina' from my Granddaughter Ashton. Everyone else in the family seemed to have their name bestowed upon them - Momma, DaDuh, Poppa - but even with prompting as Grandma, Granny I remained nameless in her world for quite some time. She would cling to me though and declare "MINE" which eventually evolved into Mina. When her little brother was old enough to speak and started calling me Mina, she was quick to correct him and let him know that I has 'HER' Mina, I was only his grandma! I choose the name Mina as the name to use on the internet because somehow it keeps me grounded - and makes my soul smile.

I hope you find interest in my journal, and that if we are on the same path it somehow helps to make your footsteps less uncertain as we traverse together.

You will find a brief bio on my journal page.

I hope you'll take a moment and sign my guestbook, and if you have a question or concern a message board is available.

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My 2002 Journal (Jan - June)


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