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Chief Editor D. K. AGRAWAL
Technical Editor K. Singh, India
Managing Editor Shashi Agrawal, India


A. Argüello, Spain D.N. Kamra, India
P.N. Bhat, India M. Kreuzer, Switzerland
D.J.R. Cherney, USA S.C. Loerch, USA
D. Demeyer, Belgium N.N. Pathak, India
Nagwa M. El-Sawi, Egypt K. Pradhan, India
G. Flachowsky, Germany R.G. Ramírez, México
M. Furuse, Japan N.J. Stern, USA
S.R. Ghazi, Iran Rameshwar Singh, India
A.L. Goetsch, USA M. Topal, Turkey
K.N. Joblin, New Zealand R. Leitgeb, Austria

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No responsibility is assumed by the publisher and the editors of the Journal for statements and opinions expressed or claims made by the authors.


The journal is registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., 21 Congress Street, Salem, MA 01970, USA. Consent may be obtained from the above address for copying by paying appropriate fee by quoting the code number mentioned in the abstract.

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