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The following article was written for the eyes of the sincere truth seeker.  It was also written for the negative people of the orthodox medical community.  Our message is for informational and educational purposes.  No disclaimers are given.  "Mother Nature" makes no apologies!  Men make Rules, however, Natural Laws always win in the courtroom of Life!


by J.E. LaTour, N.C.

"Whole libraries can be filled with the papers written about cancer and its causes, but the contents of these papers fit on one little library visiting card." --- August BIER

These outstanding prophetic words of August BIER were fully confirmed when scientist, Paul Gerhardt Seeger, M.D., demonstrated the cause of cancerous degeneration of a cell is disturbance of oxygen utilization, i.e. the incapability of the cell, brought about by carcinogenic noxae, of transferring the oxygen brought along by the blood cells to the hydrogen of the food substrate. And since this scientifically correct explanation fits on one small visiting card, the prediction of August BIER is thus confirmed.

"Everyone should know that the "War on Cancer" is largely a fraud" --- Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Winner.

"Cancer is the ultimate expression of man's wrong living habits" --- J.E. LaTour.

"We understand that Oncologists do not like to hear about the effectiveness of other treatments because it may raise questions about their own deep-root theory and paradigm of toxic drugs, but obviously there is a failure in the perspective to cure cancer. Cancer patients cannot wait another 15 or 20 years for a possible cure. Since the war on cancer declared by Nixon, cancer was supposed to have been cured by 1976, then 2000 and now apparently 2015. I hardly believe people today will buy these types of stories and it is time to demonstrate a more open mind and a more open view on cancer and not to spend time on arguments, criticism, denial or even ridiculing alternative therapies as I see done on Lancet Magazine. It does not show professional ethics or at least respect for other systems that are not well understood, but are likely to be efficient." --- Prof. Serge Jurasunas,  HoliTerapias Institute, Lisbon - Portugal

It's long over due to recognize and acknowledge that cancer is little more than a problem of nutrition and environmental factors.  In effect, cancer is a disease of civilization!

Numerous world renowned Food Physiologists, Biochemists, Biologists, etc., are of an opinion that through environmental pollution and nutritional deficiencies we have the foundation for initiating cancer.  The following is only a partial listing of honest cancer authorities:

Dr. Serge Jurasunas (Lisbon,Portugal)

Dr. W.F. Koch (Heidelberg)

Dr. Siegmund Schmidt (Germany)

Dr. S. Wolz (Germany)

Dr. R. Good(Vienna,Hamburg)

Dr. R. Buist (Australia)

Dr. von Hausen(Heidelberg)

Dr. Dorling (Germany)

Dr. Otto Warburg (Germany)

Dr. Wrba (Vienna)

And perhaps the greatest of all cancer researchers:

Paul Gerhardt Seeger, M.D. (Germany)

For approximately seven decades, the orthodox medical community has held the attitude that cancer has its origin in changes in the control functions of the cell's nucleus.  According to this concept (known as cellular nucleus dysfunction), cancer is irreversible, and the only therapeutic approach is to kill or get rid of the cells by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (anti-metabolites).  However, this opinion is incorrect!  Since 1938, food physiologists have been in possession of abundant scientific proof that cancer has its real origin in the mitochondria of our cells, not in the nucleus.


MITOCHONDRIA: Powerhouse of the Cell

Mitochondria, commonly described as the "powerhouse of the cell," are little energy engines that have their own DNA and live outside the cell's nucleus in the cytoplasm.  Each of the millions of cells in the body contains thousands of mitochondria that transform nutrients in the food we eat to usable energy.  Tissues such as the heart, skeletal muscles, and brain have the most mitochondria because they have the highest energy demands.

Mitochondria are transmitted only by women (sperm do not transmit mitochondria) and have been used to trace genetic lines, since a woman's children will have the same mitochondria that she does.  Although the role of mitochondria in aging and degenerative disorders was discovered decades ago, only in the last few years has knowledge in this area expanded and the significance been recognized.  Mitochondrial dysfunction is now recognized in Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's disease and may be at the root of the aging process itself.


Cancer Research Ignored for Seventy Years

 In 1938, the cancer scientist and researcher Paul Gerhardt Seeger, M.D., revealed that the true cause of the cancerous degeneration of a cell results from the destruction of a specific respiratory enzyme, cytochrome oxidase.  In other words, cancer in the cell is caused by disturbance of oxygen utilization, or cell respiration.

Dr. Seeger carried out experiments with hundreds of histo-chemical methods in the Department of Cell and Virus Research in the Robert Koch Institute of Berlin, Germany.  Later work at Humbolt University in Berlin in 1956, after approximately ten years of work at Charite Hospital, confirmed his earlier research results of 1938.  What Dr. Seeger found was that inactivation or destruction of the enzyme cytochrome oxidase causes a dysfunction of the metabolism in the initial stages of the generation of energy in the mitochondria.

Mitochondria accomplish their task of generating energy through an oxygen-requiring process called oxidative phosphorylation.  Through a series of biochemical reactions, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are broken down into smaller units.  Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are released in the process.  The carbon dioxide, a form of toxic waste, is quickly removed.  The hydrogen ion is carried by the electron transport chain, eventually meeting up with molecular oxygen to form water.  The energy generated from our food components is then stored in the form of a universal energy molecule called adenosine-triphosphate (ATP).

When the enzyme cytochrome oxidase is inactivated or destroyed, excess hydrogen accumulates in the cell as oxidative phosphorylation comes to a halt.  The cell still needs energy, however, and is forced to switch over to a less efficient method of energy synthesis that takes place in the surrounding cytoplasm.  This results in the conversion of only about 20% of the possible energy that could be supplied, and only about a fifth of possible ATP storage.  Less energy is generated for the cell's use, and less energy is stored.

With the cell's main sources of energy syntheses now greatly diminished, the groundwork is laid for cancerous degeneration.  Any problems involving the operation and functioning of the mitochondria have a negative effect on all energy-requiring functions of our body.  More than just the cell in which the malfunctioning mitochondria is located can be affected, the lowered vitality can affect other organs, or even the body as a whole.  A great deal of evidence exists to support the claim that damage to the cell's mitochondria is a major contributing factor in all the diseases of "civilization," including the degenerative conditions previously mentioned, as well as multiple sclerosis, ataxia, dementia, heart disease, and diabetes.

Environmental Chemicals the Culprit

So what is destroying these very important cytochrome enzymes?  The actual cause is without question due to the vast number of poisonous chemical substances that we find in our civilization!  Synthetic chemicals provide an inexhaustible supply of poisonous and cancer-producing substances.  All of these air-borne, water-borne, and food-borne toxins and poisons adversely affect the mitochondria.  Additionally, a very imbalanced and disturbed gastro-intestinal tract prevails in a large portion of civilized people.  There exists an imbalance of the vital bacterial-flora.  These incorrect pathogenic bacteria and foreign matter of numerous different chemical compositions obstruct, inhibit, or completely destroy the oxydo-reductive system.

Collectively, these environmental and internal body toxins and poisons target and destroy cardiolipine, a lipid contained in the inner mitochondrial membrane, to which the cytochrome enzymes of the respiratory chain are anchored.  Destroying the lipid deactivates and destroys the enzymes, which then prevents the oxidative processes required to generate energy and heat from occurring properly, if at all.  In addition, the process of aerobic metabolism (oxidative phosphorylation), produces free radicals as by-products.  Although the cells have a number of built-in antioxidant defenses, these can be overwhelmed by environmental poisons.  These defenses, like mitochondrial function, need to be supported through nutritional means, when the body's natural balance has been upset or destroyed.


Every week of the year, year after year, all across our nation we observe "walk-a-thons," "run-a-thons," "cry-a-thons," collecting more and more monetary funds to fuel the insatiable appetite of "research institutions" to help find a "cure" for cancer.  We (food-physiologists) found the answer to cancer over 70 years ago!  We have given you that answer in this article!  Read, and re-read our message until you finally understand and acknowledge what honest and accurate research is all about!  Cancer is not an enemy to be feared.  Cancer is a friend to be understood! Our "friend" (cancer), is telling us that we have not been living in harmony with the natural world around us!


Confirmation of Dr. Seeger's Discoveries

The eminent cancer researcher Dr. Hans Nieper, former president of the German Oncological Society of Hanover, states in his authoritative book THE PREVENTION OF CANCER THROUGH PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES OF A BIOLOGICAL NATURE, "If anyone has the right to make any kind of fundamental statement concerning the scientific foundations of the prevention of cancer, then it is Paul Gerhardt Seeger, who was decades ahead of his time."

Nobel prize winner Professor Von Euler of Stockholm also confirmed Dr. Seeger's demonstration that CANCER IS CAUSED BY DESTRUCTION OF INDISPENSABLE ENZYMES IN THE MITOCHONDRIA.  In 1979, the accomplished biochemist Dr. D. Washutl of Vienna, in a lecture held on the Medical Week of Baden-Baden, supported Dr. Seeger's findings in every respect.

Only now, after years of the so-called "War on Cancer" failing to make any advances or genuine therapeutic progress, have the far-reaching implications of Dr. Seeger's work begun to be recognized by a few.


Two Out of Three Will Develop Cancer

Food physiologists have been educating the public regarding the fact that we have now, for many decades, been living in a time in which each human being, from birth to adulthood, ingests harmful toxins and poisons via air, water and food, thus damaging, crippling, and finally destroying the enzymes of the mitochondria, leading to the development of cancer.

Considering that, at present, two out of three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime, this situation demands serious attention.  We must address the epidemic occurrence of this degenerative disease.  Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treat only symptoms while ignoring the causes of cancer.  Cancer must be addressed at its source.  If the orthodox medical fraternity considers chemotherapy (chemical poisoning) radiation therapy (burning) and surgery (mutilation) a cure for cancer, we suggest that they read what the great physician (Hippocrates) said: "First do no Harm"

Why would physicians administer a treatment or drug to a sick person, that would never be given to a well person?  Please give our question some serious thought and eventually you will realize the stupidity and negativism of orthodox medical mentality.

The orthodox medical doctor arrogantly supports, defends and utilizes many barbaric methods for cancer treatments.  However, the orthodox doctor is also suffering and dying from cancer!  Again the words of (Hippocrates): "Physician heal thy self"

We ask, when will the stubborn, typical medical practitioner understand and accept that properly applied nutritional therapy remains to be a very safe and effective approach for cancer treatment?  One more time the words of (Hippocrates): "Let food be thy Medicine"

"Modern man is so completely deceived that he knows not how every effort is made to keep him in darkness, by teaching lies and falsehoods and half truths" --- George Clements

According to the extensive research of John Higgensen, Director of the Cancer Research Institute of the World Health Organization in Geneva, about 90% of all degenerative diseases could be eliminated by getting rid of the thousands of carcinogenic environmental toxins permeating air, water and food.

Prof. Dr. von Hausen, Director of the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, expresses his opinion (based on scientific evidence) that environmental poisons and toxins are the reason for 90% of all cancerous diseases!  The very fact that 90% of cancer diseases can be traced back to environmental pollutants shows that our immune system is seriously damaged and greatly compromised in this unhealthy place we call civilization.

Not only is human-life in jeopardy here on earth, as the late marine-biologist Jacques Cousteau pointed out, already 40% of the marine wildlife has been destroyed by innumerable toxics.  Annually well over 5,000 tons of mercury, 100,000 tons of pesticides and PCB, 10,000 tons of crude oil and no less than 500,000 tons of lead are dumped into our oceans!


Enzyme-Rich Foods for Mitochondrial Repair

Degenerated, cancerous cells can potentially be reversed back to normal cellular function by utilizing specialized enzyme-active nutritional substances and select vegetable and fruit hydrogen acceptors.  These enzyme-rich nutritional substances include: Saccharomyces cerevisiae live fluid yeast strain, raw crystallized (freeze-dried) red beets and red beet juice, raw blueberry juice, bromelain (pineapple enzyme), raw pineapple juice, raw red grapes, raw red cherries, carotene (specifically beta carotene).

Please note that Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain is not to be confused with Candida albicans!  Unlike Candida, Saccharomyces cerevisiae live fluid strain exhibits no negative influence on human cells, and in fact has been observed to have an antagonistic effect against Candida albicans.  Most orthodox medical practitioners, and even many nutritionists remain unaware and unappreciative of the far-reaching health benefits of live S. cerevisiae yeast.  Additionally, we must seriously consider the utilization of specialized green foods.  Excellent green foods include: Barley Grass powder, Kamut Grass powder and Chlorella Vulgaris.  For the most effective hydrogen acceptor, we utilize a specialized freeze-dried red-beet crystals.   

Greater cellular  protection can also be achieved by utilizing a specialized low-molecular antioxidant compound Anoxe.  Based on clinical observation and experience, Anoxe may be the Ultimate antioxidant compound, with high efficiency and great safety in restoring the ROS/antioxidant balance.  Anoxe affords an anti-aging potential of scientific correctness, and is excellent for cosmetic enhancements, specifically for bad skin and wrinkles. 


What You Can Do For You

A polluted, poisoned environment demands vital adjustments!  Fortunately, we can, to some degree, accommodate our predicament by applying scientific and common-sense knowledge to ensure reasonable health and safety.  We recommend seven very simple steps to help guide you in achieving a stronger immune system, and healthier body chemistry.

Step One:  Get clean inside!  Almost all Americans 35 years of age and older are carrying around, from 5 to 50 pounds of old mucoid plaque adhering to the inside walls of their entire intestinal tract!  This mucoid plaque accumulates in layers.  Many layers of this plaque creates an intestinal environment that absolutely ensures great potential for cancer development!  An example:  Virtually, all breast cancer "victims" are found to have a very unhealthy intestinal-flora!

We cannot over emphasize the importance of a clean intestinal tract.  You may choose to ignore our suggestions in this article and allow yourself to retain a feces impacted colon, however, the day will come when your orthodox physician announces that you have colon cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, etc., and there is little to be done except get out the surgical knife!  The medical surgeon will be very happy to remove your colon and your hard-earned cash, and laugh all the way to the bank!

YOUR IGNORANCE IS THE FOUNDATION OF A GROWTH INDUSTRY FOR THE ORTHODOX MEDICAL COMMUNITY, WHICH BECOMES RICH TREATING OUR NUTRITIONALLY RELATED DISEASES, INCLUDING CANCER!  Unfortunately, safe nutritional advice is not given to the cancer patient.  The orthodox medical practitioner ignores the subject of nutrition, and simply elects to surgically remove organs and limbs, and actually receives huge monetary compensation for performing these horrible mutilations!  What a complete insult to human integrity!

For obtaining a wide variety of literature and books written on intestinal care, simply visit your local health food store. One particular book we recommend is: Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care (Dr. Bernard Jensen).  

Step Two:  Due to its crucial role in maintaining good health and your very animation, we must focus our attention on the vital pH factor in body chemistry.  pH (potential Hydrogen) is the measurement of the acidity/alkalinity of anything.  Our physical body has numerous and different pHs.  Your urine is normally acidic.  Your skin is acidic.  Your saliva is slightly alkaline.  Your stomach is strongly acid.  However, of all the pHs in your body, the most important is your blood!  The blood is normally at 7.45 pH, and if this deviates as little as 5/10ths of a point, death can be expected.  Your body will steal minerals anywhere and anyway it can before it will allow your blood to go too acid.  Your saliva is the first place your body steals minerals from to balance blood pH.  Fortunately, saliva serves as a barometer, and provides us with an early warning system when we are becoming too acidic.  In good health our saliva tests at 7.45.  Below 7.45, we eventually experience an illness.  At a saliva reading of 5.5 and lower, we will be experiencing a serious disease!

Virtually all cancer patients test strongly acidic on a saliva pH test!  Cancer thrives in an over-acid body!  It's very interesting to observe that acid producing foods (refined starches, red meats, refined sugars, cola drinks of all sorts, etc.) dominate in the American nutritional scene.  To reverse this negative situation, simply discontinue eating these addictive health destroying foods, and gradually increase your intake of organically grown fruits and vegetables.  Remember, "Let food be thy Medicine"

Step Three:  Drink More Water! (For best results, I would recommend “Kangen Water™”)  At the very minimum one full quart of water per-day!  Hot weather demands 2-3 quarts of cold water everyday!  It has been said that cellular-aging is due to a slow process of cellular-DEHYDRATION!  Make sure that your water supply is clean and free from the typical pollutants that we encounter in civilization.  In addition, we would do well to drink properly structured water.  Yes, water has structure!  Scientific research is providing increasing evidence to support that smaller H2O clusters, to be the most correct water for human consumption!  Remember, No Water, No Life!

Step Four:  Do not over eat!  Over eating can kill you!  Half of what Americans eat feeds them, the other half supports their doctor and the undertaker!  Exercise your physical body everyday!  Walking, dancing, yoga, running, swimming, wild sex!  We don't care what your favorite exercise is, just do it!

No matter how well we eat, we must exercise to oxygenate our physical body.  Without lots of exercise we greatly limit the value of even the best health and nutritional program.  If you have cancer, it is all the more important to exercise on a daily basis.

Step Five:  Absolutely NO usage of tobacco in any form!  Greatly reduce your intake of alcohol & coffee.

Step Six:  Super supplement your nutritional profile with the protective food biologicals mentioned in this article. 

Step Seven:  Pray everyday in YOUR own way!  Keep on laughing!!

We must clean up our living environment on this planet, and we must utilize natural biological nutritional substances to correct already damaged body cells.  We must re-establish cellular integrity with nutritional biological methods.  And above all, we must afford a new respect for our ecological-environmental systems if we are to survive.

Perhaps I should echo the words of a great Master:  "Without Knowledge, Understanding, and Application, we are lost, we perish!"---Apollonius of Tyanna

The following is a partial listing of cancer and cancer-related deaths of the famous, notorious, scientific, and entertainment community.  Most of these people made us laugh, cry and stirred all of our emotions.  We loved many of them:

Bud Abbott

Lyle Alzedo

Roone Arledge

Louie Armstrong

Desi Arnaz

Chet Atkins

Kevin Aucoin

Barbara BelGeddes

William Bendix

Milton Berle

Bill Bixby

Amanda Blake

Humphrey Bogart

Richard Boone

Yul Brynner

Raymond Burr

Jack Carson

Rachel Carson

Rosemary Clooney

Johnnie Cochran

Nat King Cole

Chuck Conners

Gary Cooper

Joan Crawford

Richard Crenna

Gary Crosby

Betty Davis

Bob Denver

Walt Disney

Jimmy Dorsey

Duke Ellington

Percy Faith

Farrah Fawcett

Tammy Faye

James Franciscus

Jackie Gleason

John Gotti

Betty Grable

Fred Gwynne

Carrie Hamilton

Oscar Hammerstein

Ruth Handle

George Harrison

Susan Hayward

Gregory Heines

Anne Helm

Audrey Hepburn

Hubert Humphrey

King Husseine

John Huston

Aldous Huxley

Jill Ireland

Burl Ives

Peter Jennings

Carol Jones

Sammy Davis Jr

Andy Kaufman

Buster Keaton

Jackie Kennedy

Madeleine Khan

Michael Landon

Charles Laughton

Jack Lemon

Sheri Lewis

Charles Lindbergh

Larry Lineville

Vince Lombardi

Henry Mancini

Mickey Mantle

Bob Marley

Dean Martin

Walther Matthau

Linda McCartney

Steve McQueen

Audrey Medows

Roger Miller

Elizabeth Montgomery

Agnes Moorhead

Edward R. Murrow

Ozzie Nelson

Merlin Olsen

Aristotle Onassis

Jerry Orbach

Luciano Pavarotti

Walter Payton

Eva Peron

Brock Peters

Slim Pickens

June Pointer

Dick Powell

Robert Preston

Louie Prima

Juliet Prowse

Gilda Radner

Joey Ramone

Johnny Ramone

Lou Rawls

Maureen Reagan

Donna Reed

Dana Reeve

Steve Reeves

Buddy Rich

Minnie Ripperton

Jason Robards

Edward G. Robinson

Mr. Rogers

Jack Ruby

Babe Ruth

Carl Sagan

Dick Sargent

Telly Savalas

Dinah Shore

Bob Smith

Dusty Springfield

Ed Sullivan

Patrick Swayze

William Talman

Robert Taylor

Robert Tessier

Robert Urick

Vivian Vance

John Wayne

Dennis Weaver

Mary Wells

Carl Wilson

Flip Wilson

Frank Zappa

J.E. LaTour is a Southern California-based nutritional consultant. 

His Specialty is cancer research for 40-years.

J.E. LaTour is available at: (818) 602-9565

"J.E. LaTour has been an invaluable resource in our family's quest for better health.  I have found that his unique insight and profoundly humanist approach is informed by years of personal research and study.  His compassion is genuine, and his message is clear.  Our good health is our responsibility." --- H. Richard Greene, director of The Actors Lab, Coronet Theatre, Los Angeles, California

"J.E. LaTour shares a no-nonsense approach to cancer treatment, with strong emphasis on prevention.  His knowledge is most profound." --- David Somerville, The Diamond's Original Lead Singer

"I have known J.E. LaTour for over twenty-years, and he is without question at the Top of his field of Natural Medicine.  He is also a good and Truthful man and that's icing on the cake!" --- Bill McKinney, Screen Actor

"J.E. LaTour was a God send eight years ago when I met him, who brought invaluable knowledge and solution which goes to the source of a serious subject where most people are only scathing the surface or misleading many for financial profit. Health, healing, and nutrition have played a huge part in my life and career as a Hollywood actor and stunt double for Eddie Murphy.  J.E. LaTour has exposed the hidden truths which I and so many others needed in order to escape the lies and barriers that the typical medical media use to control a multi-billion dollar business.  Today, the wise are getting wiser in discovering that the medical business is mostly an empire of medicine, machines, pills and side-effects, which gets richer on people getting and staying sick. I thank God for his divine wisdom and those who he has genuinely used, such as J.E. LaTour, in serving others with more of the best knowledge in taking care of God's Temple-the body. J.E. LaTour's enthusiasm, passion and love to serve others is genuine. I have honestly witnessed and benefited from his work and golden attitude which is built on the strong foundation of J.E. LaTour's favorite saying, "The people perish from a lack of knowledge." --- Virgil Carter, Screen Actor