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Do it Yourself Hydroponic Systems



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This is my first Hydroponic System. Check the Hydro Pictures to see how it was built.

September 18, 2001


September 30, 2001

November 3, 2001

This is my pipe dream. It's constructed from three 10 foot sections of PVC pipe. Each pipe is cut in half to 60 inches. The pipes have ten 7/8 inch holes for plants. The wooden frame has a 2X4 on one and a 2X6 on the other for a 1 1/2 inch slope.  The pipes are screwed to the frame with stainless steel screws using a long screwdriver through a plant hole on each end. It uses 1/2 inch irrigation tubing and 1/4 inch drip lines.  I use 2 drip lines per pipe in case one plugs up. The pump is a little giant pump and there is an air stone bubbler in the tank.  The tank is a sweater box with 12 gallons of solution. My nutrient is 1 tsp miracle grow, 1/4 tsp calcium nitrate, and 1/4 epsom salts per gallon. The ph stays about 6.5 with little correction needed. Most of the plants are romaine lettuce bought from Lowes. I washed off the dirt and inserted them in. The pump runs 24/7 and delivers about 1.5 liter per minute per tube. The plants are growing like crazy.


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