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Analorne & Family
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Enjoy the fairy tale, my love....

There she stands with angel's tears and devilish grin
Her eyes say something isn't right
Her hands reach out to push
At something you can't see
She is the portrait of agony
And she feels like sin
And across her lips you read the words
That she never dares to say
But ask, she will laugh and avoid your gaze
"I am fine and well, I'll have you know...
I am truly alive and full of gentle calm...
I have simply been caught in the rain."
She begins to sing a love song
Of all the ones who dared
To change her thoughts, to make her strong
And see her here today
The vision appears above her head
Of a younger , ready to give all
So easily broken when they easily fall
Brush off the dirt and lock out the rain
Dreams of a prince shall still remain
Now a young woman slightly jaded
Yet not to fear, young lass
For you have grown in so many ways
All the lessons learned
Now make her what she is
She took a piece of all
And when the pain had ceased and tears were dry
A piece of her had died
The smile hides her now, captures her every move
You see the knowledge in her face
"I am not like them, I cannot fall...
I am not like you, I cannot tell...
I speak of things that you can't hear...
If it hurts I find the pain
And revel in it!!! I crave it!!! Inspiration falls from anger!"
And away they step when shown the truth
Of a thousand locked up thoughts
If only they would allow her to throw away the key
Do not worry of me, just leave me my thoughts
They shall benifit you one and all
For they make the happiness that you see
You cannot understand this one
Not something meant for you to spy
Just accept me, I'll cause you no harm
Only love you dearly with every breath
This is my promise with only one string
Allow me my pain and my joy will abound
With this she takes your hand
Gently kisses your lips
And this image disappears and there she is
Smiling, laughing once again
You shall forget you saw the reality
Enjoy the fairy tale, my love

August, 1999