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Josh Ryan Evans 1982-2002

"I may be a might, but I am mighty"

Galen Gering (AKA Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald)
As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, we lost the beloved Josh Ryan Evans last night. As sad as it is that he's gone I must say he led a very full life. "Dream Big", that was his motto. And that was the advice he used to tell people when they asked him if he thought they could make it as an actor. He would say things like, "...hey if I've done it certainly you can", and flash that charming and mischevious little smile of his. He was such a couragous person who never seemed to be daunted by his physical limitations and he was always so proud and excited by his work. For Christmas two years ago he gave me The Grinch c.d., but he had taken out Jim Carrey's picture and replaced it with one of his. At first, I admit, I found it a little odd that he had done such a thing, but then I realized, hey, he should be proud of what he's done...imagine if you were in his shoes. I would have been proud to have just gotten up in the morning and not felt sorry for myself, not to mention held my own in a blockbuster movie. It's impossible for me to imagine our show without him. His energy, spirit and strength will be missed. I'm sure I speak for all of you when I say, Josh we love you.

Justin Carroll (AKA David Hastings)

I just found out.......I can't believe it....but it's true....Josh Evans has passed on...Please pray for him and his mother...who must be devastated....... I am dumbstruck....he was so young....and had everything going for him.....He was a huge Star wars fan......I like to think he's sitting with Yoda........oh God...this is such a tradgedy....

Marianne Muellerleile (AKA Norma)

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Josh Ryan Evans, the amazing actor who embued "Timmy" with so much heart and merriment. A great part of the pleasure of working on PASSIONS was due to working with Josh. It must be said that he made a lasting impact during his brief life by spreading joy and laughter to millions. Thank you, Josh. With love, Marianne

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