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Proverbs 17:22
"A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

It has the amazing ability to nurture, heal, and inspire us.

Nothing brings people together or gives so much joy than music.
Especially during the holidays, or occasions
spending time and memories with family and friends.

Music invokes feelings and memories of good times and bad.
But most of all, MUSIC HEALS us in so many ways.

The term "good vibration" is really true when considering music.
The rhythm, beat, sound, melody, and mixture of
musical instruments and voices singing in harmony.
All this has an amazingly POSITIVE EFFECT on the human body.

The average person does not have to be proven scientifically
that listening to pleasant sounds or music in general,
can be a healing, empowering, and uplifting experience.

Even the simple sounds of nature, wind and water,
can profoundly effect our psyche.
The use of music can be a transformative sensation
to the mind, body, and soul.

Music can bring a universal connection to all people,
bridging gaps, generations, understanding, giving hope, and healing.

The power of healing music is well documented.
Reiki Masters often use music for spiritual healing and in meditation.
For thousands of years all culture have embraced the sounds
of music to enlighten, inspire, promote a healing power,
and bring the people together in songs and sounds.

What benefits can music give?
Music can reduce stress and anxiety.
Music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure,
keep you young, and happier than before.

Known as music therapy, this healing music
is helpful to those suffering any cognitive,
physical, psychological, social, and emotional problems.

Healing music can produce a positive change
and give the individual a sense of
well-being, improving health, and comfort.

The scientific community has recognized
the positive results of music therapy.
The American Music Therapy Association formed in 1950
have made standards and procedures to cover
how music effects the anatomy,
psychology, and physiology of patients.

Most importantly music therapy
is used in cancer treatments
to reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea.

"I know it was used on me
and I asked for it the second time
I had to have surgery while awake."

Some treatment involves a composition
or performing a pre-composed music
such as a popular song and singing aloud.

Depending on the musical treatment center and patient,
“passive” or “receptive” treatments
can also be done of listening
to enjoyable sounds and optimistic music.

Music therapist use music to enhance
the quality of life and health of their patients.
Discoveries have shown that music
can alter and heal parts of the brain.

Stroke patients and people with Parkinson’s disease
can actually move and walk better after listening to music.

The benefits is for all ages, early exposure to music
can have a very positive impact on young people,
and help with brain development.
So you are never too old for music therapy.

The five traditionally recognized methods of perception,
or sense: of hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.....
This helps to create a healing for the wounded mind, heart or body
because they are all intertwined,
needing each other within us to give us wellness and peace,
harmony to function in this life in the now,
letting go of the past to be free..to be yourself.

::: † :::
Sights and Sounds

To watch waves crashing on the shore
allowing it to soothe the spirit

Grief has a way of affecting the mind,
thinking we can handle it alone, we move on.
In doing that we do not take care of the hidden pain
It will remain within us, we have to
deal with grief and fears properly
as we try to keep it hidden or we try to bury it.
it affects those whom we are closest to;
we surround ourselves with new habits,
wrong people or places to drown out our minds.

Avoiding the grief process in all it's forms
will weaken the mind and body until one day
You begin to think serious negative thoughts,
and if you do not get help from
proper people who can help you,
to cope with a loss or new situation
Even to identify it, is the first step to healing!

Nobody is void of it's influence.
It can creep in on you in such subtle ways,
through addictions-dependancies,
to find comfort but it is all temporary fixes
which do more harm than good.

It is a decision, a choice, we ourselves make to turn
our circumstances around,
allow others to be part of the healing
and to remain focused and determined
to the end of the learning journey
to your best days ahead of you,
everything is for a reason
and you are worth far more
than you can imagine to God,
the universe, this planet!

The tiny step to take is to believe first,
For the changes: take tiny baby steps
if necessary and always give yourself praise
for the successes in those small parts completed.
You are human and allowed to be so.

You grow to so many different levels of living well,
even you will be amazed, I know, I speak from experience.
Be strong, keep courage, you are so worth it!

I did it, today I feel so alive,
like a child discovering the world again
and life in all it's gentle ways is so worth it all,
the powers we can harness in this world,
to help ourselves is never beyond reach.

We are what we allow, accept your limits,
respect your boundaries, let nobody invade your space
or intrude in your bubble, time out for you,
it makes you a better person for all, including yourself!

If it is meant to be, it is up to me!

When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them? (Psalm 8:3-4)

-He lifted me out of the pit of destruction,
out of the sticky mud. He stood me on a rock
and made my feet steady. Psalm 40:2

Though God is all-powerful,
He uses our efforts, our skills,
our knowledge to help ourselves and
others as well in their knowledge
and wisdom to move us up in life
...toward solid lives of purpose and promise.
When we're down and stuck in negative circumstances,
he uses friends and family members to lift us up too.
The list is limitless when we allow God to direct our steps.

Sometimes, He uses our own discomfort to motivate us
toward new opportunities for success.
And He uses our broken and empathetic hearts
to encourage us to help others do the same.

God cares about suffering.
He cares about it so much that
He experienced the suffering that we face daily
so that He can relate to our struggles in every way.
Yet Jesus didn’t stop with sympathy for our pain.
He came to destroy the fears that assail our hearts
as we face suffering and death.

Jesus came to set you and me free from Satan’s power.
When we believe God’s word
we can live in victory over fear.


Psalm 71:14 -I will keep on hoping for your help;
I will praise you more and more.

A Beautiful Song below in a Youtube
-Enjoy it's healing melody to God.



feel free to write me : l.a.d.y-55@hotmail.com

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:::†::: Dear God in Heaven :::†:::
Thanks for the Beauty of A Mind,
Our Senses,Freedom To Finally Be Me

© Copyright & Written by Marilyn

Below is a song player,
many I chose for good listening purposes
because God has shown me,
it brings healing to the being as well.