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The Wonderful World of English Resources - Finding Nemo Study Guide

Finding Nemo

Film as Text Study Guide - Sample

Narrative Summary

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Scene by Scene Analysis

Answer all questions in full sentences in your exercise book

Marlin and Coral

1. What colour is Marlin and Coral’s home?
2. Describe what Marlin and Coral look like
3. How many eggs are there?
4. Describe what the evil fish which attacks them looks like
5. Why do you think the animators made it night time when Marlin woke up, and not daytime? What effect is given by setting this moment at night?

Nemo’s First Day at School

1. Why is Nemo excited? How do we know he is excited?
2. What is the one thing Marlin says you have to know about the ocean?
3. In what way is the sea school similar to schools which human children attend?
4. Why do you think Marlin and Nemo are seen in many shots side by side?
5. What type of sea creature is the teacher? Describe his personality.

The Class and the Drop Off

1. Why do you think long shots were used to show Mr Ray and his class swimming along?
2. Why do you think the long shot was used when the children first saw the boat out on the ocean?
3. Why do you think Nemo does not listen to his father?
4. What was the effect of using the close up of Nemo in front of the diver’s mask? How did you feel when you saw this shot?

Marlin’s Chase / Meeting Dory

1. Describe the music we hear as Marlin chases the bubble trail
2. What colour is Dory?
3. What medical problem does Dory have?
4. What type of a creature is Bruce?
5. What is the most noticeable thing about Bruce?

The Meeting

1. What are the ‘balloons’?
2. Complete the phrase : “Fish are friends, not ______________”
3. How long has it been since Bruce’s last fish?
4. How many sharks are at the meeting?
5. Why does Bruce attack Marlin and Dory?
6. What sounds do we hear which makes us believe they are in a submarine?

The Fish Tank

1. Describe what Nemo sees when he is put in the fish tank
2. How does Nemo feel? How do we know?
3. How many other fish are there in the tank besides Nemo? What are their names?
4. Why was the long shot used showing all the fish at the glass looking at the dentist working?
5. Why did they use a close up showing Gill’s fin?

The Dark Depths

1. Why was the low angle shot used showing the submarine falling on Marlin and Dory?
2. How did you feel when the screen was black and all we could hear was Marlin and Dory talking?
3. What makes the fish with the light on its tail seem like a monster?


1. What makes Nemo wake up?
2. What is the main colour used in this scene?
3. What challenge must Nemo face?
4. Why was a close up used showing ‘brother bloat’ when he talks about the ‘ring of fire’?
5. What is Nemo’s new name?

The School of Fish and the Jellyfish Forest

1. Why does Dory start crying?
2. What sorts of things does the school of fish start impersonating?
3. What building do they impersonate to represent Sydney?
4. What advice do they give Dory before they leave?
5. Why was a low angle shot used as Dory and Marlin look at the trench?
6. How do Marlin and Dory get through the forest?
7. Why was a long shot used showing Marlin and Dory both out of the forest?

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