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A Little Bit Of Everything

This is my home page, a place where friends and family can visit to see what I'm up to!

The picture on this page is my pride and joy. I got tired of not having a spinning wheel, so I went out and got a bicycle wheel, spent $10 on other supplies, came home, and built a spindle spinning wheel! (NEW! Buy inexpensive instructions for building this spinning wheel for your own!)

Now I'm making yarn a lot faster than with a drop spindle, but I'm loving every minute of it. See more of my spinning projects in the works by visiting the Spinning Page

Other projects in the works include (but are not limited to) :
NEW!!! I've been asked by so many to start making instruction booklets, that I'm doing exactly that. Pre-order booklets to make my Floopy hats, scarves and mittens in all different sizes, and get the bonus pattern for the Pony Floop, a winter hat that allows for a top-worn pony-tail. Great for the long-haired ladies on your crochet list!
You can also pre-order sprang instruction booklets for more advanced projects, such as mittens, socks, and shaped hats.

**Please remember that any patterns, instructions or pictures on any of my pages are my copyrighted material, and may only be reproduced for personal or not-for-profit use, unless you've got permission from me (which I do give for the right reasons, just ask!).**

Contact me with any questions about stuff on this page. I'll be happy to answer!

I hope you enjoy this site, and PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions or helpful advice on it.



**NEW** patterns, instructions, and kits, oh my!
The Known Whorl Spinners (a spinning guild within the SCA)
Getting it started: Instructions for beginning crochet (kit now available)
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Work With Me! Instructions for Seraphina's Shawl
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Floopy Hats, Scarves, Mittens... all for sale!
Sprang- kits now available!
Coptic Bag Sprang Project- Check it out!
DoniStuff! Kits, Patterns, and Instruction booklets for sale
One stroke painting!!! I love it!
Hand-Painted Ornaments... not just for Christmas anymore
Susan's Cabinet... my first furniture commission!
Tips and Tricks- Keeping your hands healthy!
New projects
Crochet Projects in the Works
Brag Book- Projects I've done
Family and friends
Getting Medieval - my favorite pasttime!
My craft room, the painful journey and musings of a clutterbug
My Crafting Blog
Help- I need more bandwidth! Help keep this site going.
Crocheted and Spranged Shawls for sale!
**NEW** Another shawl- Going to the Playoffs! **NEW**

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