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 Dear Adam...                  


Welcome to Dear Adam. This page is setup for the use of you to get help and advice on all your problems whether BIG or small.

If your wondering how do I get help? 

It's simple, all you have to do is send me an E-mail. The address below is where you can contact me with your problem and I will send you a reply with my comments and advice. No problem is too BIG or small so don't be worried or shy to express yourself.


This weeks problems

Severely Heartbroken

Very Confused

Why not email your thoughts and advice for these people. Just click on the link above.


If you do not want your problem to be displayed on this page simple request in your email that you do not want your problem published. If you want your problem published and would like to receive advice from readers then request in your email to me that you would like to receive advice from readers this will allow readers to view your email address on this page. Alternatively readers can give you advice through me and I can the pass this on to you.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to bookmark us.