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This is the game I chose from "Art of Positonal Play" to practice sparring with Fritz from the first section on weak pawns. The game is Tal-Najdorf, Belgrade, 1970 through the first 13 moves.

B80: Sicilian Scheveningen: 6 g3

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.g3 a6 7.Bg2 Nf6 8.0–0 d6 9.Re1 Bd7 10.Nxc6 bxc6 11.Na4 e5 12.c4 Be7 13.c5 dxc5

In the actual game Najdorf played 13...0-0, but 13...dxc5 is a move a club player might consider, as white doesnt win back the pawn immediately, and this is where I began my sparring session with Fritz7. I set the session for sparring at the hardest level (very hard). I now continued:

14.Qc2 played to suppress c4

[14. Be3 is preferred by Fritz]

14...c4 though he plays it anyway


[15.Qxc4 Fritz prefers this capture straightaway]

15...Be6 16.Bc5!?

Fritz didnt like this move. My idea is to take the blockading square c5 for my knight. [16.Nc5 Bxc5 17.Bxc5 Nd7=]


[Better is 16...Rb8 17.Bxe7 Qxe7 18.Bf1 Qb4 19.Rac1 0–0 20.Bxc4 Bxc4 21.Qxc4=]

17.Bf1 h4 18.Bxc4 hxg3 19.hxg3 Bg4

[19...Bxc5!? 20.Nxc5 Bxc4 21.Qxc4 Qc8 and Fritz gives minimal edge to black]


20…Bd6 21.Bxd6 Qxd6 22.f3 Bh3?!

This cant be right as his bishop is trapped out of play for along time and is subject to being lost.

23.Rad1 Qc7 24.g4

Trapping the bishop.

24...Nd7 25.Qe3

Eyeing the c5 square and guarding the g1-a7 diagnol.

[25.Qd3 Qa7+ 26.Qe3 Ke7 +/=]

25...Rb8 26.Re2 a5

[¹26...Nf8!?= and Black can hope to live]

27.Red2 Nf8 28.Rd6

With pressure on the weak c6 pawn


[28...c5 29.Bd5 Ne6 30.Bxe6 fxe6 31.Nxc5 Rb6 32.Rd8+ Qxd8 33.Rxd8+ Kxd8 34.Qg5+ Kc8+-] white is still better.

29.Qc5 Ne6 30.Qxc6+ Kf8 31.Rd7 best

[31.Bxe6 succumbs to 31...Qh4 32.Rd8+ Rxd8 33.Rxd8+ Qxd8 34.Qc5+ Kg8 -+]


[31...Qg5 desperation 32.Qd6+ Kg8 33.Qxb8+ Kh7+-]

32.Qd6+ Kg8 33.Bxe6 fxe6

[33...Qxe6 is still a small chance 34.Qxb8+ Kh7+-]

34.Qxe5 Rh7 35.Nc5 Bxg4

[35...Qf8 doesn't improve anything 36.Nxe6 Re8 37.Qd5+-]

36.fxg4 Kh8

37. Qxb8!

Annihilates a defender: b8 [37...Qxb8 Decoy to b8 38.Rd8+ Theme: Double Attack]

and wins 1–0