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I played 11...Ng4!! The first master I showed this too initial reaction was he thought it was a blunder until he saw its true purpose!

My opponent played 12. h3 when he got hammered by 12...Nxf2! the point.

13. Qe2 (On 13. Kxf2, Qf6+ 14. Ke3, Qg5+! 15. Kf2, Bg3+ 16. Ke2, Qf6! 17. Rf1, Qxd4 18. Nc3, Qxc4+ black is a pawn ahead with all the play) 13Qh4! 14. Rf1 (14. Qxf2 leads to 14...Bg3 15. Qe3, Bxe1 16. Ba3, Re8 when black is ahead the exchange for a pawn and whites kingside is in disarray and his queenside undeveloped. Black has a clear advantage.) 14Nxh3+!? (I later discovered an even quicker win 14...Qg3 15.Re1 Nxh3+ 16.Kf1 Bg4 17.d3 Bxe2+ 18.Rxe2 exd3 19.cxd3 Qxd3 20.Be3 Rae8 21.Nc2 Nf4 is crushing) 15. gxh3, Bxh3 with a murderous attack.