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White is up a queen for just a rook a massive material advantage. White also controls the only open file on the downside I have a bad bishop. Now dont judge too harshly as this was a 15 minute game. But I ended up with a draw here.

I didnt make any gross tactical errors I simply allowed my opponent too much counterplay.

Here is the game continuation: 32. b4, b5 and now I played 33. cxb5 and after 33...cxb4 34. axb4, axb5 35. Ba7, Ra8 36. Re7 (better is 36. Qd4 centralizing and mobilizing) 36...Rd8 37. Rd7, Rdc8 38. Bb6? this is a positional mistake (much better was 38. Bc5! keeping the c-file closed from blacks rook) 38...Ra1+ 39. Kf2, Rac1 (threatening R8c2 pinning Queen to King this is why 38. Bc5! is much better cutting off blacks rook on the c-file. I have a bad habit of not consolidating these types of advantages by cutting down my opponents counterplay when I need to.) Now my king becomes uncomfortable. 40. Kg3, R8c2 41. Qe3, Rh1 42. Rd2, Rc4 43. Bc5 (now Fritz gives 43. Rd8 as better) 43...Kh7 44. Qa3?! (drifting) 44...Rh3+ 45. Kg2, Rcxh4 46. Bg1, Rxf3!? 47. Qxf3, Be4 (pinning) 48. Kg3, Bxf3 49. Kxh4, Kg6. We have bishops of opposite colors and black has a knight and 2 pawns versus rook in the ending and he managed to draw. I was completely outplayed here.